PDB students in class

Graduates of the Post-Doctoral Bridge Program are distinguished scholars with Doctoral degrees in different fields from nationally accredited universities. The PDBP participants follow an intensive course work period during the program and each participant prepares a research proposal during the PDB Program. Successful completion of all the course work and the research proposal are mandatory requirements for graduation. After graduating from the University of Florida Post-Doctoral Bridge Program, our graduates become qualified business faculty candidates who are in high demand for business schools who seek AACSB “Scholarly Academic” faculty to help with their accreditation. PDBP graduates receive SA status as soon as they complete the Post-Doctoral Bridge Program. Ninety percent of our graduates have found employment in a business school.

Participant Benefits

PDBP participants receive continuous support for job placement both during and after their participation in the Post-Doctoral Bridge Program. Following are some of the ways that we help our graduates achieve their career goals and find jobs as business faculty at different institutions:

  • Deans from both national and international universities contact us with information on job opportunities at their institution, and we send out such information to our graduates.
  • We also keep our graduates informed of job opportunities advertised in various job database systems. AACSB publishes a newsletter after the graduation with a list of the names of the participants who have completed the program. This newsletter is also mailed to deans of the business programs in the AACSB database.