Dual Degrees

The UF MBA Dual Degree program is designed for students who seek to rise to the challenge of enrolling in a full-time MBA program while also pursuing an additional professional, graduate or doctoral degree. Three options exist for pursuing a Dual Degree: Joint Degrees, Concurrent Degrees and the MBA/MGM Thunderbird. These programs share class credits, allowing certain credits can be counted towards both degrees. The listed duration of study for a given program is typically extended by one year, and students must be admitted by each program in order to qualify. Starting times for the Dual Degree Program are flexible.

Joint Degrees

In Joint Degree programs, MBA students combine their MBA degree with a program in one of the professional schools. Generally, 12 credits are shared between the two programs. The following colleges have offerings that can be pursued as joint degrees:

Levin College of Law:
Joint Degrees | Contact Info

College of Medicine:
Medical Joint Degrees | Ph.D./MBA
Graduate Joint Degrees | Ph.D./MBA

College of Pharmacy:

Concurrent Degrees

In Concurrent Degree programs, the UF MBA is paired with another graduate degree within the University of Florida Graduate School. Typically, eight credits are shared between programs. The following degrees are examples of commonly pursued concurrent degrees:

MBA/MGM - Thunderbird

A partnership with the Thunderbird School of Global Management, the MBA/MGM allows students to earn a UF MBA, as well as a Master of Global Management (MGM) degree from a world-renowned program. Students earn the two degrees by completing two semesters of core courses and one semester of elective courses at UF before moving to Arizona to complete two-to-three semesters (depending on language fluency) at Thunderbird. Students must be accepted into each program separately. UF MBA students typically apply to Thunderbird during their first term at UF.