Double Gator

If you are a current undergraduate student at the University of Florida, applying now for a UF MBA can help you get ahead. The Double Gator allows current undergraduate students to be considered for admission in advance of earning a bachelor’s degree.


We will guide you through the admissions process and review your application to provide you with an early admissions decision. Approved candidates are conditionally admitted to attend a UF MBA program. Once approved, we will defer your enrollment for approximately two years. During that time, you will earn additional professional work experience and continue to meet post-graduation milestones. You’ll also be encouraged to attend UF MBA events and interact with our UF MBA admissions team and Business Career Services advisors.

Successful candidates demonstrate a record of academic success and leadership ability, and they are eager to leave their mark on the UF MBA program. Candidates are considered for both Full-Time and Professional MBA programs, depending on your needs and future career plans. Scholarships are available to highly competitive candidates who are admitted to a full-time program.

Candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Submit a competitive GMAT score (650+ for admission; 680+ for scholarship consideration)
  • Hold University of Florida undergraduate senior (final year) status
  • Hold a 3.3 or higher GPA (3.5 or above required for scholarship consideration)
  • Have a post-graduation employment offer at the time of Double Gator consideration


  • Submit your preliminary application during your final year at the University of Florida. All materials must be submitted prior to completion of your bachelor’s degree.
  • Submit your resume and official GMAT score via email.
  • Submit one professional letter of recommendation from a former or current supervisor via email.
  • Complete an in-person interview with the admissions committee. Interviews are by invitation only.
  • As applicable, submit a formal UF MBA application as the start date of your MBA program nears.