Meet the Leadership Ambassadors

Leadership Development Program students in a group photo in front of the Gator Ubiquity statue

The Leadership Ambassadors are an elite team of seasoned student leaders from the Warrington College of Business Administration.

Leadership Ambassadors serve as mentors to LDP participants by facilitating small group discussions, leading activities, and creating a relationship with participants to encourage their personal and professional growth.

Executive Board

  • Benjamin Sisarsky
    Benjamin Sisarsky

    Major: Marketing/MIB
    Involvement: Leadership Ambassador, CAP Mentor, FLA, PIKE
    Internships/Study Abroad: London Internship/Study Abroad, GE Corporate Finance, P&G Sales/Category Management
    Interests: Competitive Eating, Weightlifting, Marathon Running, Ping Pong, Tennis, Travel
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  • Sean Coleman
    Sean Coleman

    Vice President
    Major: Finance/MIB
    Involvement: Leadership Ambassador, HLC, Gator Growl
    Internships/Study Abroad: Norseman Defense Technologies, PNC Wealth Management
    Interests: Golf, Travel, Reading
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  • Maddie Calzon
    Maddie Calzon

    Education Director
    Major: Accounting
    Involvement: Leadership Ambassador, FLA, Panhellenic Exec Board, Gators of Tomorrow
    Internships/Study Abroad: PwC
    Email Maddie

  • Jonah Platovsky
    Jonah Platovsky

    Social Director
    Major: Finance, MSF
    Involvement: Leadership Ambassador, FLA, GSIF, EFE, Florida Blue Key Speech and Debate, ACCENT
    Internships/Study Abroad: Cross Keys Capital Investment Banking, Nobel Peak Investments, RBC Capital Markets
    Email Jonah

  • Liat Feldman
    Liat Feldman

    Recruitment Director
    Major: Marketing/MIB
    Involvement: HLC, Chabad Ambassadors for Israel Director, Delta Phi Epsilon VP of Membership Development
    Internships/Study Abroad: San Interactive, Madrid Summer 2019 Study Abroad
    Email Liat

  • Kevin Labra
    Kevin Labra

    Major: Finance, Minor: Italian Studies
    Involvement: Leadership Ambassador, FLA, HLC, Dance Marathon, The Agency at UF, Entrepreneur Collective
    Internships/Study Abroad: E-Commerce Business Owner
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Leadership Ambassadors


  • Savannah Adele
    Savannah Adele

    Major: Finance, Minor: Sociology
    Involvement: Leadership Ambassador

  • Amanda Cabus
    Amanda Cabus

    Major: Finance
    Involvement: Leadership Ambassador, FLA, Delta Phi Epsilon
    Internships/Study Abroad: Gertner Grind Community Engagement Director
    Email Amanda

  • Brett Gajewski
    Brett Gajewski

    Major: Finance, MIB, Minor: Spanish
    Involvement: Leadership Ambassador, Catholic Gators
    Internships/Study Abroad: Arthur J Gallagher & Co., Heavener Study Abroad (Madrid)
    Email Brett

  • Lauren Goldberg
    Lauren Goldberg

    Major: Finance/Economics, MSF
    Involvement: Leadership Ambassador, Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority
    Internships/Study Abroad: London Internship/Study Abroad, Nomura Securities

  • Amelia Levitt
    Amelia Levitt

    Major: Finance
    Involvement: Leadership Ambassador, The Founders Fund, Gator Growl
    Internships/Study Abroad: Study Edge Real Life 101 Intern, Rome Study Abroad
    Email Amelia

  • Leah Martone
    Leah Martone

    Major: Finance, Minor: Actuarial Science
    Involvement: Leadership Ambassador, Delta Zeta VP of Internal Philanthropy, Project Makeover
    Internships/Study Abroad: NFP Data Analytics
    Email Leah

  • Nick Porraro
    Nick Porraro

    Major: Finance, MSISOM
    Involvement: Leadership Ambassador, UF Cheerleader, Gator Growl Staffer, IRHA, IFC, PIKE
    Internships/Study Abroad: PNC Wealth Management, Wells Fargo Customer Assistant
    Email Nick

  • Pamela Samayoa
    Pamela Samayoa

    Major: Finance, Economics
    Involvement: Leadership Ambassador, Latin American Women in Business, ALPFA
    Internships/Study Abroad: Deloitte Financial Analyst, Scotiabank El Salvador
    Email Pamela

  • Michael Sommer
    Michael Sommer

    Major: Finance, Minor: Sociology
    Involvement: Leadership Ambassador
    Email Michael

  • Danielle Smith
    Danielle Smith

    Major: Finance
    Involvement: Leadership Ambassador, FLA, Theta Chi
    Email Danielle

  • Devon Stoloff
    Devon Stoloff

    Major: Finance, MSRE, Minor: Accounting
    Involvement: Leadership Ambassador, The Founders Fund, Theta Chi, Real Estate Society
    Internships/Study Abroad: Alvarez & Marsal Real Estate Finance Intern
    Email Devon

  • Lexi Stoloff
    Lexi Stoloff

    Major: Finance, Minor: Real Estate
    Involvement: Leadership Ambassador, Dance Marathon Morale Captain
    Internships/Study Abroad: Harbor Group International Investor Relations, Blackstone Group
    Email Lexi

  • Carolina Vonder Haar
    Carolina Vonder Haar

    Major: Finance, MIB
    Involvement: Leadership Ambassador, BUMP, FLA, HLC, DSP
    Internships/Study Abroad: Antidote Fitness Lab, Students Global Relocation
    Email Carolina

  • Alexa Zuckerman
    Alexa Zuckerman

    Major: Finance
    Involvement: Leadership Ambassador, Kappa Alpha Theta
    Internships/Study Abroad: Madrid Study Abroad
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  • Izzy Chigurupati
    Izzy Chigurupati

    Major: Accounting
    Involvement: Leadership Ambassador, Warrington Diplomat, HLC, Gator Initiative
    Internships/Study Abroad: Gartner, James Moore and Co., Kumon
    Email Izzy

  • Aaron Lerner
    Aaron Lerner

    Major: Accounting
    Involvement: Leadership Ambassador, FLA, Jewish Heritage Month, Dance Marathon, Alpha Epsilon Pi
    Internships/Study Abroad: Ultimate Software Finance and Accounting Internship
    Email Aaron

  • Kendall Tabachnik
    Kendall Tabachnik

    Major: Accounting, Minor: Leadership
    Involvement: Leadership Ambassador, ELP of DM, Kappa Kappa Gamma
    Internships/Study Abroad: Altria LDP, Deloitte EEE Program, Event Options Accounting Internship
    Email Kendall

General Business

  • Sander Bloshinsky
    Sander Bloshinsky

    Major: General Business, Master of Mass Communication
    Involvement: Leadership Ambassador, Dance Marathon
    Internships/Study Abroad: Imprint Genius
    Email Sander


  • Cameron Galbraith
    Cameron Galbraith

    Major: Management
    Involvement: Pi Kappa Alpha, Leadership Ambassador, Student Government Productions, Student Finance Group
    Internships: Galbraith PLLC

  • Danielle Smith
    Danielle Smith

    Major: Management
    Involvement: BUMP Mentor, Student Finance Group, FLA
    Internships/Study Abroad: Keep Alachua County Beautiful, Martin County Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller


  • Estee Segan
    Estee Segan

    Major: Marketing
    Involvement: Leadership Ambassador, Delta Sigma Pi, Alpha Omicron Pi
    Internships/Study Abroad: Ft. Lauderdale Court House
    Interests: Traveling, Dancing, Exploring