VPN from a Mac

Set Up Your Home Mac

NOTE: Steps 1 & 2 of this section are not required if you are on UF campus

On device you are remoting from:

  1. Install Cisco AnyConnect VPN
    1. Download Cisco AnyConnect
    2. Follow the onscreen instructions to install. For more help installing the VPN please visit the AnyConnect Configuration Guide.
  2. Connect to the VPN
    1. Go to the Applications folder
    2. Click the “Cisco” Folder
    3. Open “Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client”
    4. Ensure you are connected to the internet
    5. Type “vpn.ufl.edu” in the box and click “Connect”
Screen Capture of the Cisco AnyConnect dialog box indicating the VPN is ready to connect
    1. Enter your GatorLink email plus “/campus” (e.g. username@ufl.edu/campus) for the username to reduce traffic through the VPN system. Then enter your GatorLink password and click “OK”. If you need to look at UF Library Journals do not use the @ufl.edu/campus option. Instead, use just your GatorLink username.
Screen capture of the Cisco AnyConnect login dialog box where you enter your GatorLink username and password

Note: If you have two-factor authentication enabled, you will receive a push notification. If you do not have the DUO Mobile App, please get the app. If you need further instructions, go to UF’s Two-Factor Authentication page.

    1. The dialog box should disappear when successfully connected and the following icon will appear in the system tray.
Screen capture of the AnyConnect icon with a lock symbol on it
  1. Install “Microsoft Remote Desktop 10” from the App Store
  2. Connect to Remote Computer
    1. Open “Microsoft Remote Desktop” from the Applications folder
    2. Accept permissions if prompted
    3. Click “Add PC”
    4. Type the “Full Computer Name” obtained in step 3.C of “On device being remoted into” into the “Computer” field
    5. Click “Add”
    6. Double click on the icon created to connect to the PC
    7. Click “continue” if prompted
    8. Enter GatorLink credentials

Close the Remote Desktop

To disconnect from your office desktop, click the Microsoft Remote Desktop menu and then select Quit Remote Desktop. Or, click the red circle (x) in the top left of your window.

Screen capture showing a Mac desktop and the Microsoft Remote Desktop menu open and Quit Remote Desktop selected

Note: If you shut down your office desktop, someone will need to physically turn it back on before you can connect to it again.