Social Media Policy

Representing Warrington

Policy Statements

Employees should use this information in conjunction with existing UF policies and Warrington policies. Warrington’s fundamental social media principles include:

  • Warrington employees may use social networking sites to conduct business.
  • Warrington does not block employees’ access to social networking sites as the college believes in empowering its workforce and instills trust in its employees to work responsibly.
  • Though Warrington encourages the use of social media, employees must adhere to these policies and guidelines when using social media.

Official Policy for Social Media at Warrington

  1. When engaging online to communicate anything related to Warrington business, you must read, understand, and abide by this policy.
  2. When you are participating in social networking sites, be transparent about who you are while discussing Warrington’s business and related industry and stakeholder topics. Use your real identity—no aliases—and your real voice, and disclose your affiliation with Warrington. The anonymity of the Web sometimes encourages carelessness, and being upfront about your identity can avoid problems.
  3. When engaging online, do not commit the University of Florida, Warrington, or any of its programs to any action unless you have authority to do so.
  4. When engaging online, protect Warrington and your reputation. Avoid any statement or comment that might harm Warrington or UF’s reputation. You represent UF, Warrington, and the Warrington brand. As an employee and/or stakeholder, your actions both on and offline can affect perceptions about the college and university.
  5. When engaging online, do not post any confidential, internal-use only or copyrighted information belonging to UF, Warrington, or third parties without written permission. Information to be protected includes music, videos, text, and photographs.
  6. Do not make statements about Warrington’s financial performance.
  7. Maintain confidentiality of “internal only” information.
  8. Do not post anything that is defamatory, offensive, harassing, or in violation of any applicable law or any Warrington or UF policy.
  9. Do not engage with the news media or industry analysts to discuss Warrington issues without consultation and approval from your department head or program director.

Policy Compliance

Compliance with Warrington and UF policies is required. Compliance to this policy is verified through various methods, including but not limited to reports from available business tools, internal and external audits, self-assessment, and/or feedback to the policy owner. Noncompliance with this policy may result in potentially significant reputational and legal risk to Warrington and UF. Deviations or non-compliance with this policy, including attempts to circumvent the stated policy or process by bypassing or knowingly manipulating the process, system, or data may result in disciplinary actions.

Standard Practice Reminders