HR Research Survey

The Human Resource Research Center in the Department of Management, Warrington College of Business, at the University of Florida is partnering with SumTotal Systems to conduct a research project with practical implications for organizations. The research project aims to assess high-performance HR practices, including communication, teamwork, compensation, training, staffing, employee development, new employee onboarding, and workforce planning, and their connection to important organizational outcomes, such as financial outcomes and turnover. Organizations participating in the study will not only contribute to the current state of knowledge in HR research, but will also receive individualized reports that provide a detailed analysis of its current HR practices (compared to a benchmark).

To participate in the research, an organizational representative must complete a survey for his/her organization. The survey should not take more than 15 minutes to complete. If you have any questions about this research, please email Jackie Koopmann, Ph.D. candidate, Department of Management, Warrington College of Business. Please follow the link below to begin the survey.