Venture Capital

Partnered with Gator Impact Ventures

The Venture Capital sector, partnered with Gator Impact Ventures, prepares students looking to succeed in VC, while analyzing an array of early-stage businesses in different industries. By incorporating and utilizing resources such as Bloomberg Market Concepts and Wall Street Prep, the VC Sector equips students with the fundamental attributes and skills expected of employees in VC firms. Traditionally, new members at VC firms begin only after acquiring experience in other areas such as IB, PE, or more frequently, technical backgrounds such as engineering, programming, etc. This leads to a learning curve for hires unfamiliar with the accounting, financial and economic principles particularly relevant to a specific firm or assigned field. To flatten this curve, the VC sector provides students with a broad understanding of businesses’ capital structure, valuation methods, various debt instruments, and macroeconomic forces at play in different industry groups so that students may properly assimilate to the role of an Analyst and responsibilities associated with a career in Venture Capital.


Student Leaders

Faculty Advisors

Industry Advisors

  • Zack Ellison
    Zack Ellison, CFA, CAIA

    Managing General Partner, Applied Real Intelligence

  • Vinny Olmstead
    Vinny Olmstead

    Managing Director & Founder, Vocap Investment Partners


  • Workshops & group projects – working with startups
  • Following and discussing latest IPO and M&A deals
  • Wall Street Prep & Bloomberg training
  • Analyzing firms using PitchBook
  • Career Prep & Networking


  • Florida Venture Capital Conference | February | Miami
  • Atlanta Ventures: Atlanta Startup Convos | December | Atlanta
  • Space Coast Forum