Corporate Finance & Treasury

Partnered with Student Finance Group

The Corporate Finance & Treasury Sector prepares students for careers in the corporate world through a program of workshops, projects, training resources, site visits, and engagement of alumni & friends. This sector offers the broadest range of industries students can enter (e.g., healthcare automotive, entertainment, etc.). Given its reach, the students will master broad valuation, business intelligence and data analytics skills and be able to serve in financial analyst and corporate treasury roles.


Student Leaders

Faculty Advisors

Industry Advisor

Industry Experts

  • Firms: Disney, Pepsi, Darden, JM family, Honeywell, Delta, etc.


Corporate finance training:

Students in the corporate finance sector will complete relevant training put forth by their student leaders and advisors, utilizing industry resources such as the Corporate Finance Institute. Additionally, students will participate in workshops and discussions conducted by industry professionals. Sector graduates are expected to make decisions regarding firm’s capital investments, capital financing, and return of capital.

Learning and Involvement

Weekly meetings covering:

  • SFG Hosting Meetings Thursdays 6:15 – 8pm
  • Career Preparation and Readiness
    • Resume, LinkedIn, personal brand development
    • Technical mock interviews and internship search
    • Case study practice
  • Professional Skills and Leadership Development
    • Workshops (3 per semester)
      • Advanced Financial Statements Analysis
      • Cash flow forecast models
      • Scenario & Sensitivity Analysis
      • Interest rate risk management
      • Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)
      • Financial Modeling & Business Valuation
      • Business Intelligence & Data Analysis
    • Industry professional and recruiting guest speakers (weekly)
    • Organizational meeting (2 per semester)
    • Networking socials (throughout semester)

Competition (1 per year minimum)

Examples include:

  • ACG Cup | Tampa
  • UF Corporate Valuations | Gainesville
  • UF Case Competition

Corporate site visits & alumni engagement (1 per year minimum):

To be determined.