Experiential Classroom

Testimonials from Delegates

The lessons I learned from the Experiential Classroom will allow me to become a much better teacher. The clinic was BY FAR the best training/conference I have ever attended. Each session provided incredible practical content. I cannot adequately express how grateful I am to you and the rest of the instructors for providing me and all of the other delegates with this incredible experience. To be in the same room with some of the greatest minds in entrepreneurship is such an honor.

Lisa Cooley
Delta State University

Thank you for accepting me as a delegate from Smith College for the Experiential Classroom. It was, by far, the best and most helpful entrepreneurship training I’ve attended.

Rene Heavlow
Smith College

I wanted to thank you for a fantastic weekend of instruction! Every session I attended was engaging and very helpful, either with general entrepreneurship pedagogy or helpful tips to teach a specific topic or both. All the delegates I spoke with felt the same way.

Justin Kent
University of North Carolina

It was the most rewarding, relevant, resource-rich conference I have ever been to. I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate in this conference and I now feel even more connected to the field of entrepreneurship and its scholars and educators.

Susan Loucks
Indiana University

I came into EC expecting to learn new teaching techniques (and I did), but more importantly came away having found a great community with a common purpose.

Connor Lubojacky
Univ. of Houston

I could not be happier that I took you up on your offer to attend the Experiential Classroom XIX. I will be a very long time unpacking everything I have learned and integrating it into my teaching. I do believe that our new entrepreneurship minor would be much stronger if we could apply the lessons from the Experiential Classroom conference on a program-wide basis. Thank you again for a wonderful learning experience.

Maureen Casile
Indiana State University

I feel so inspired and motivated after listening to so many distinguished and experienced professionals from different backgrounds. Not only were the presenters engaging, kind and sharing but the delegates were also interesting and kind and willing to share their experiences. I am so excited to incorporate some of these concepts and ideas into my classes. I truly think this will be one of those experiences that will have a lasting impact on my life. I feel very lucky to have attended and met so many great people and I hope I can hang on to this feeling for as long as I can.

Christine Pitt
KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Thank you for enabling me through the partial sponsorship I received from USASBE to attend the experiential classroom held in Gainsville Florida last year September. The experience has had a great impact to me and my colleagues in the university. Using the knowledge attained, I have developed a proposal to the government of Kenya to assist in establishing an experiential centre for entrepreneurship research and development.

Teresia Kyalo

I was excited to be reminded why we do this, and to be exposed to new ideas. Great mix of topics and presenters. I’ve taken away ideas, approaches and exercises I can use for years to come to benefit students.

Kyle Eastham
Oklahoma State University

I had a wonderful time at the Experiential Classroom! Since entrepreneurship is not my discipline, I really appreciate this opportunity to learn more about the discipline, key concepts, and teaching strategies. There are so many good things I can say about my experiences at the Experiential Classroom! Overall, I really appreciate you and your team’s effort! I saw how hard your team worked to provide us a great experiences!

Lizhu Davis
Associate Professor, California State University-Fresno, Fashion Merchandising Program Coordinator

Thank you all so much for the best experience ever! I have taken home so much and am planning on my first activity tomorrow morning, so wish me luck. Seriously though, when I thought something could not get better it did.

Jay Azriel
(two-time attendee, Experiential Classroom) York University

Thanks so much! I just wanted to say that not a day goes by when I am not making use of all of the great ideas and thinking that happened during the conference in Florida last semester. Still inspired!

Rebecca Razavi
Program Director, Hillman Entrepreneurs Program

Thank you very much for all the attention from you and your great team during the Experiential Classroom 2014 program. It was a real life changing experience for me, and I surely for my MBA students.

Juan Arriaga Múzquiz
EGADE Business School, Monterrey, Tecnológico de Monterrey

Many thanks for the excellent programme! I have returned to New Zealand with much enthusiasm and cannot wait to use the new methods I have learned from the Experiential Classroom.

S.C. Morrish, Ph.D.
University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Getting back I am so energized and ready to adapt, adopt, and with a greater level of adeptness! What a wonderful conference. Thank you for all of the thoughtfulness, expertise, and hospitality!

Rebecca Razavi
Montgomery College

I want to thank you for a great workshop. I learned a lot and can’t wait to apply it into my classes.

John Dobson
Seton Hill College

Thank you for organizing this workshop, and have an excellent group of faculty as presenters. As a professor from Engineering, I felt I learned a lot.

Mehmet Bayram Yildirim, Ph.D.
Wichita State University

An inspiring religious revival experience! I’m accepting the torch and running.

I learned so much that I can take back to my university as well as met so many great and inspiring people. One of the very best conferences I have ever attended and so very well organized.

Carrie J. White, MBA, JD
Director, The Center for Entrepreneurship, Associate Professor, Entrepreneurship and Law, West Liberty University

The workshop far exceeded even my expectations for it, and I am excited to get to work on some projects now that I’m back in Corvallis. Thank you for running such an excellent program.

R. P. Garrett, Ph.D.
Asst. Professor of Management – Entrepreneurship, Oregon State University

Again, thank you for having me down to participate. An unbelievable experience – I started using some of the great things I learned in my class already, and can’t wait to work some more in next term.

Adam Mills
Simon Fraser University

Thanks again for all the effort put forth by you and your remarkable team in making the Experiential Classroom XII such a success this past weekend. It was an honor to participate, and a delight to see so many veteran entrepreneurship educators share their talents and experience in such a warm and welcoming forum.

There are many ways to impact the field of entrepreneurship, but I can think of few that have such a broad and long-lasting impact as this program, since it directly serves to increase the quality of entrepreneurship education. The ripple effects of a dozen years of your Experiential Classroom must be a powerful force at work in the world.

I applaud and appreciate the dedication of you and your team in making these four days such a rich experience. Best wishes as you unwind from this year’s event and undoubtedly begin to prepare for Fall 2012.

Terri Lonier, PhD
Columbia College Chicago

I thoroughly enjoyed the Experiential Classroom experience. Thank you for putting together such a wonderful program. While my role is to work directly with clients, the sessions gave me fresh ideas on program delivery and will aid me in being a more creative, relative FastTrac program facilitator. I truly appreciate the efforts of you and your fantastic team! I felt special from the moment Victor met me at the airport and shuttled me to my hotel. I feel privileged to have to been given the opportunity to participate in such a first rate program.

Lisa Fultz
Director of Small, Minority & Entrepreneurial Division, Martinsville-Henry County Economic Development Corporation, Experiential Classroom XII

Thank you again for everything. You made this incredible experience a reality for me. I have been talking about the Experiential Classroom and Oklahoma State since Sunday. I am sure that my family and colleagues wish that I would shut up! Nonetheless, I am forever grateful for the opportunity and the experience. The students in my innovation course started making up new words on Monday! They love the ideas too.

Shirl Donaldson
Doctoral Candidate, College of Technology, Purdue University, Experiential Classroom XII

I am writing to thank you for a life-changing experience. My 12th-grade English students are excited and ready to use the tools you provided for them through training me. I’ll never forget the contacts I made over the short conference (it didn’t feel short, though), and you will probably be hearing from me for MORE advice or help finding materials that you referenced at the event. Sending a heartfelt thank you to Dr. Morris who believed that an old high school teacher was worthy of including in such a fascinating, competitive adventure. I had the 4 days of my life!

Rebecca Simcoe, Ph.D.
East Central High School, Tulsa, OK, Experiential Classroom XII

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful opportunity you, and your colleagues, made possible through my participation in The Experiential Classroom over the last weekend. When we arrived on Thursday, you promised two things: 1) that we would work very hard and 2) we would get Cadillac service. On both fronts, you succeeded!

Not only was I exposed to current entrepreneurship content, I picked up a tremendous number of useful teaching tools and ideas that will help me build the innovation/entrepreneurship program at my home university. Additionally, I found my workshop with Jeff Stamp, and several of the sessions (opportunity recognition, priming entrepreneurial thought, how to deliver a great lecture, and your 4 experiential exercises) to be particularly insightful. Thanks for the opportunity! Hopefully, our paths will cross again sometime in the future so that I can thank you in person and tell you about all the ways I have been able to utilize your training program.

Michael B. Hargis, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Management, University of Central Arkansas, Experiential Classroom XII

Thank you all for a great clinic – Experiential Classroom XII, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks to everyone for the part you played in making it such a resounding success. Thanks to Michael Morris and his team of helpers and presenters for creating and hosting this wonderful event. It was truly inspirational. I feel really honored to be part of this marvelous learning community of entrepreneurship educators. I have been motivated to “take it back home” to Jamaica and inspire others as well, so we can achieve our true potential. Looking forward to keeping in touch, working together and seeing you all again soon!

Orville N. Reid
MBA, BSc., Dip (Ed), A.M.E., Entrepreneurship Module Coordinator, Joan Duncan School of Entrepreneurship, Ethics and Leadership, College of Business and Management – Kingston, Jamaica, Experiential Classroom XII

Thank you, all, for a great ‘clinic’. Michael Morris and all the participants -the event was wonderful and I have lots to ‘bring home’.

Stoel Burrowes
Assistant Professor, Department of Interior Architecture, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Thank you and the team for a really inspiring Experiential Classroom X. I had great expectations from the workshop and I was not disappointed. I came away inspired and even more passionate about teaching entrepreneurship.

I had my public defense on Tuesday and it was great! I got very good feedback and praise from the chair and the other members.

Karen Murdock, PhD
Dept d’Economia de l’Empresa, Edifici B, Campus de la UAB, Bellaterra

I am proud and humble to be one of your alumni.

Professor Daniel M. Ferguson
Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship, Dicke College of Business Administration, Ohio Northern University

You guys did an amazing job on the program. Everything was so well organized it was amazing.

Cecily A. O’Regan
Of Counsel, Intellectual Property & Technology, Greenberg Traurig

Thank you for a terrific experience in Tulsa. You and your colleagues really made it easy for us, and I really appreciate it.

Thomas M. Swartwood
Adjunct Professor – Entrepreneurship, Drake University

A warm, from the bottom of my heart thank you for making this a truly fabulous experience. It was great to meet and ‘experience’ with you all.

Donald Prescott
Royal Roads University, Victoria, British Columbia

I am most appreciative of being a delegate at your Experiential Classroom VII. The experience was most rewarding. As a neophyte in Entrepreneurial Education, I learned valuable affirming and correcting concepts, which I trust, set me in the “right” direction. The outstanding classroom sessions and the mingling with the multitude of experienced delegates that took place throughout the event combined powerfully to create a supercharged learning atmosphere for me.

I sensed a sincere and genuine interest in promoting and improving the quality and content of the teaching of Entrepreneurship Education. I was exposed to useful techniques and styles, materials sources, and pedagogies that will enhance my own teaching effectiveness. I believe that I will be a better teacher having been well taught at the Experiential Classroom.

I also found your professional staff and your student support staff to be kind and considerate and most helpful. I found intelligence and a “servant’s” heart in every one I met on your team. Their efforts added to enriching the experience.

Again, please accept my most sincere gratitude for allowing me to participate in this year’s Experiential Classroom.

Hector Homero Galicia
College of Business Administration, The University of Texas at El Paso

When I read the acceptance letter to attend the Experiential Classroom, I was thrilled. After attending, I’m honored. Thank you for accepting my application to participant in this exciting and innovative program.

By Sunday morning, I felt like an over-soaked sponge. You and your colleagues certainly provided a rich experience both in content, presenters and participants. I’m sorry that I did not get a chance to personally say this to both of you before leaving so I hope you accept this as my sincere gratitude for sharing the Dream, Believe and Pursue philosophy.

I will discuss this program with the Department Chair, Dr. Adrian and the Marketing Professor, Dr. Magnini in hopes that others from Longwood can be future participants. Attached are their home pages in case you would like to add these names to your mailing list.

Thanks again for all that you, your colleagues and students did to make these days extra meaningful.

Diane Ritchie Howerton
College of Business & Economics, Longwood University

I want to thank you and your staff for a truly remarkable workshop experience. The program, presenters, facilities, and support were all top notch.

Steven W. Pharr
Associate Professor of Marketing, Department of Business, University of Idaho

As I told you yesterday this was the most fantastic learning experience I have ever had. So much so that I am afraid it has turned me into somewhat of a zealot. In addition to you, Lou, Ben, and Gina; I have buttonholed Diane, Eric, Lonnie and Jullette in the past 24 hours. While the work load was intense and there was little free time, I think everyone of our Entrepreneurship and Strategy folks would benefit from attendance. While the primary focus was on teaching entrepreneurship I think in fact, that those of us that have attended should put some type of presentation together just on Experiential Teaching for all faculty that may want to consider using more of it in the classroom. I have used it in two classes already and the student response has been very positive. It could be useful in a variety of settings. I also would like to talk to you some more about Academic Entrepreneurship. I promised you an executive summary, but as I went through my notes I realized there were pages I wanted to copy entirely for you, so the summary report will follow this week as a hard copy with attachments. Again, I want to thank you and the school for affording me this great opportunity. I know it will make me a better teacher and I am confident it will enhance our departments’ approach to entrepreneurship teaching too. Must run, I have one more class at 3:30 to put through my new process.

David M. Ford
Clinical Instructor, Department of Management and Marketing, Culverhouse College of Commerce & Business, The University of Alabama

I want to complement you and your team for sponsoring an outstanding program. We are in the initiation stage for our undergraduate entrepreneurship program at NC State. Although we have many entrepreneurial activities underway at the graduate level, we do not have formal course concentrations in either the undergraduate or graduate programs. One of my goals after stepping out of the Dean’s Office is to launch both undergraduate and graduate entrepreneurship concentrations/minors. The Experiential Classroom provided me with many good ideas that will help us move forward.

Dr. Jon W. Bartley
Professor of Accounting & Business Management, College of Management, NC State University

Thank you for a wonderful experience. You and you staff could not have been more gracious. What a wonderful program. Your faculty did such a great job, not only in conveying the material, but they stressed the importance of the implementation and how they had successfully accomplished these methods in their classes. I brought back so many new and improved ideas, and ways for my students and myself to be more creative, innovative, and see learning from a different perspective. You are to be applauded for your assembled staff and the effort each of you committed. I also enjoyed the attendees and each of them had so much to offer as we discussed our various programs. I am reviewing all of the great handout course material and the ideas just get better. I also want to thank The Kauffman Foundation for their participation and especially for their contribution/scholarship that made it possible for me to attend. They are a fabulous foundation and their efforts have made a real impacts on our entrepreneurial students and programs.

Mickey Gee
Executive In Residence, Director of Internship Programs and Instructor, The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Rudyard Kipling (1865 – 1936) wrote the recessional:
The tumult and the shouting dies,-
The Captains and the Kings depart,-
Still stands thine ancient sacrifice,
An humble and a contrite heart.

The same author also wrote the words “let we forget!” And in that vain please allow me the time in your day (or eve) to say a sincere and very BIG thank you to you, each one, for the pivotal role you played in the success of the Experiential Classroom V last month. From what I could observe you engaged the audience, surmounted all hurdles and achieved the impossible —on a daily basis! From my perspective the time with you was life changing, reaffirming and thoroughly enjoyable. I am so grateful that I had the chance to share a little of your road with you and hope I can walk some of your journey and even carry your bags one day.

Abhijit, Well done, and thanks for your ongoing assessment efforts. Leslie, your energy and ability for calm action amidst the storm was wonderful! You are also a budding bus driver who began as “dodg-em car” racer, I can see that. Thanks for taking care of us so lovingly day and night. Michael, you are an inspiration and your passion for your scholarship is enthusing. Thanks to you for your leadership and your encouragement. I strive to emulate those qualities with my team here. Minet, I love what you are about and felt a sense of empathy for you. Keep up the outstanding endeavors. Thanks for sharing some glimpse of your techniques and approaches in the classroom. I really could relate to those. Nola, you are the backbone of the matter and I applaud your achievements. Funding for the operation is key and thanks for sharing some insights in your presentation. Rajiv, I take my hat of to you and thank you for your tireless work in support of the Classroom from woe to go. What a wonderful experience for you and we all appreciated your dedicated work. Susan, good to meet you and good luck in your scholarly advancement. Your contributions were less formal but just as important as others on your team, and your participation throughout the days (seemed like a month so much happened!) was appreciated.

You are together quite an extraordinary gang and your engaging classroom experience has a quantum effect on my own pursuit of learning, teaching and contributing. I thank you sincerely, one and all, for your tremendously successful event. I carry with me some keys to your success and ponder others.

Peter Golding
University of Texas at El Paso

Thank you so much for letting us be part of an exceptional learning experience.

My sincere appreciation and personal thanks to you, Mike (Professor Morris), Margaret, Uma, Ujjwal, Dave, Casey, and Mike (from Rhode Island) for making my stay and learning so memorable. I apologize if I missed anyone else’s name – please convey my thanks to them.

Dev K. Dutta
Ph.D. Candidate (Strategy), Richard Ivey School of Business, The University of Western Ontario

I just received my box of books and I wanted to thank you for getting them out to me. The clinic was very informative, much more than I ever thought it would be. I came back and completely re-vamped my Entrepreneurial Ventures class to make it more meaningful for the students. Again, thank you for everything and please be sure to pass the thank you on to all.

Dave Causgrove

Thank you very much for the incredible learning experience. I was honored to be there and appreciated your welcoming me to the “fraternity”. I am a better educator as a result. I look forward to seeing you in future meetings and events. I hope you don’t mind if I ask you for advice here and then.

David Y. Choi Ph.D.
Loyala Marymount

I have to tell you I keep thinking about the conference and what a fabulous experience it was. Thank you again for giving us this opportunity.

Brent Nicholson
Bowling Green State University

Thanks sincerely for one of most productive and enjoyable learning experiences that I have had in years, maybe ever. The information, faculty, exercises, and support from your staff were excellent. If you ever need a testimonial, let me know.

Lynn Neeley
Northern Illinois University

The program was wonderful! I probably learned more during this weekend than in most other entrepreneurship learning experience I’ve attended and heard the same comments from many of the other participants. Congratulations on the excellence of your program!

Janet Nixdorff
George Washington University

First all I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with the workshop on entrepreneurship. It absolutely blew me away! The sessions were all very stimulating and I am already putting into place the things that I learned. I also established some excellent contacts, not only with other delegates, but also with your faculty. Frank Moyes invited me to Boulder to observe his classes as I am teaching our first new venture course next spring. I am planning to go sometime this fall. I only wish I could attend again next year, but I’m sure we will want to send other people. I am now highly motivated to contribute significantly to entrepreneurship! Thanks again!

Again many thanks for the best workshop I have ever attended. I would be pleased to assist you with entrepreneurship when the opportunity arises.

Michelle Lane
Bowling Green State University

Can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate having been part of EC4.You, the faculty and your support staff did a simply incredible job. It was an exceptionally worthwhile learning experience.


The Experiential Classroom was probably the most influential force in my decision to change careers from law to teaching, which I really love.

Giles Hertz
Xavier University

I just wanted to reiterate my sincere appreciation for all the time, energy and intellectual capital that you expended to organize and produce the experiential classroom. The program provided me with tremendous value, including useful classroom tools and content as well as valuable social connections. It also fueled my desire to continue teaching my marketing issues for new ventures course and sparked a new desire to refocus some of my research energy to entrepreneurial issues.


Being from a small college, we have limited resources for faculty development. Over my 4 years as a doctor student and 2 years teaching. I have never experienced a more powerful or helpful training/conference. You team pulled off an amazing growth opportunity for us/me.

Between Michael’s opening session, Don Sexton, and Karl Vesper, my eyes were opened to the unique and powerful theoretical content embedded in entrepreneurship. Yes!

Ray Smilor, Minet Schinchutle, and Jeff Stamp were amazing. They brought new life into the terms imagination, and creativity. And pushed me in these areas (including reinvigorating my lecture format). Wow!

Don Kuratko fueled a passion, helped direct it, and made me proud to be an entrepreneurship educator. Go for it!

Dave Rosenthal and John Altman helped us see teaching rise to the level of an art form. This note does not begin to cover all that I was able to take from this training.

Ervin Starr
Robert Wesleyen College

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to attend the experiential classroom as a guest. I learned so many useful strategies and projects to implement, compiled a wealth of resources, and most importantly, met some really wonderful people. In both this program and your WISE program, I have witnessed your magic in producing the most professional, enlightening, and entertaining conferences. You seem to pull it off effortlessly. Maybe “magician” should be you metaphor-you walk your magic and your audience is mesmerized.

Linda Dwyer
CNS High School Business Teacher

As the experiential classroom IV draws to an end, I would like to share with you the impact this wonderful program made possible through 9 months of toll and sweat on your part has had on me. Teaching and entrepreneurship have been my 2 loves. I spent the last 25 years of my life helping entrepreneurs as a banker and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. Over the last one year, I have been seriously considering going back to teaching. I started my career as a teacher but left because I didn’t have any credibility teaching business subjects as I did not know what the business world was all about then. Your passion and the passion of all the master teachers that you brought together in this program have convinced me that taking the plunge to teach entrepreneurship is a worthwhile cause. This program has motivated me not to just dream about teaching entrepreneurship but more importantly to work on making this dream to reality. I am seriously considering doing that . Having left formal schooling for more than 20 years. I have some reservations. Which professor should I convince to act as my mentor and supervisor for my PhD if my intention is to teach entrepreneurship?

For my PhD program, I would like to research on global entrepreneurship drawing on examples of Asian entrepreneurs who have built global companies. I had some discussion with Dave Rosenthal on the difficulty I encountered locating case studies and Asian entrepreneurship when I was teaching entrepreneurship to student in Singapore on a voluntary basis. I am considering taking up the challenge to write the case studies myself. I do not have answers to all these questions but in the entrepreneurship spirit, I know that I will find a way. I would really appreciate if you can offer some advice a possible mentor/supervisor for my PhD program who share the passion for teaching entrepreneurship and have an interest in global entrepreneurship and especially Asian entrepreneurs engaged in global business.

Scon Kuan Chen

The Experiential Classroom program that you and your team put on was outstanding. The content, practice and relationship building that took place are unmatched in my experience. I hope that the program can be offered to many more entrepreneurship educators in the future.

Susan Duffy
The George Washington University

Let me thank you again for a wonderful experience at the experiential classroom! I had high expectations coming in, as two other faculty from Iowa had attended previously, and the program still managed to exceed my high expectations.

Daniel Cohen
University of Iowa

What a great Experience!!! Thanks so much..I am back home, re-energized and ready for action.

Mauvalyn Bowen, Ph.D.
University of Technology, Jamaica

Thank you for a truly wonderful experience! It was the best workshop I’ve ever attended and I’m very excited to implement many of the great ideas that were shared.

Dr. Marty Mattare
Frostburg State University

I enjoyed the experiential classroom tremendously…thank you and your team very much for re-awakening my entrepreneurial spirits! Your team was just excellent and it was so well organized and with so much care and thoughts that I still think about it.

Barbara Wolf
University of Bern

As a direct result of your seminar, I am changing my classroom sessions from straight lectures to learning experiences involving student interactions and in the process increasing the ‘fun’ factor immensely.

Dennis Schwieger
Millikin University

I want to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to attend the Experiential Classroom at OSU. It is truly the most inspiring event I’ve attended in my 11 year career. I debated on sending an email or a formal letter, but I could not wait to express my excitement and gratitude. I am swimming with ideas for curricular and experiential change.