Experiential Classroom


The Experiential Classroom was launched in the Fall of 2000 as part of the Lifelong learning for Entrepreneurship Education Professionals (LLEEP) partnership.

The partnership was formed in 1998 when a group of leading academics met to explore the future of entrepreneurship education, and address the growing need for high quality teachers within the field. Based on this need, LLEEP committed to a core set of clinics dedicated to sharing leading edge teaching practices and enhancing teaching skills.

The Experiential Classroom has proven to be one of the most popular of these clinics and its now entering its 20th year. The success of the clinic is tied to its commitment to an experiential approach both in its subject matter and in the innovative manner in which the clinic is delivered. More than 1400 faculty from around the world have attended.

“See one. Do one. Teach One.” The great clinical tradition in medical education is an appropriate and valuable standard for business and entrepreneurship education. It is LLEEP’s intention to foster intellectual and practical collisions between the academic and the real world in everything we do, thereby enhancing entrepreneurship education and research throughout the world.

LLEEP’s origin can be traced to leading entrepreneurial institutions’ pioneering practices over the past fifteen years to recruit and educate successful entrepreneurs and their like-minded faculty colleagues to teach entrepreneurship. The Price-Babson College Fellows Program’s original rationale emphasized that a business education must be linked to the real world; that research must be relevant and impactful; and that teaching must incorporate practice and hands-on learning. To date, the PBCFP has created a worldwide cadre of more than 300 entrepreneurs and their 1200-plus faculty counterparts representing 300 institutions worldwide.