By partnering individuals facing housing instability with mentors who have overcome similar situations, mentees will have the opportunity to create long-lasting personal connections and receive empathetic and useful advice that focuses on their individual, holistic development. We are implementing a structure in which we can be on the same level playing field; individuals will know that instead of helping them, we are working with them to improve their situation based on their own needs, wants, and goals.

Needs Addressed

  • Partnerships
  • Social empowerment
  • Homelessness


  • Individuals will maintain ambition by working to achieve personal goals that are realistic and applicable to their everyday life
  • Individuals will have developed an understanding of how to save energy and water while implementing this knowledge to reduce their utility bills
  • Individuals can effectively examine the safety features of their home and make the necessary upgrades to have a secure and comfortable living environment
  • Individuals will have developed a support group to rely on and relate with through difficult circumstances

Project Managers

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    Carly Nichols
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    Joshua Phelan

The Team

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