Uncap Opportunities for Women


Our Uncap project team provides consulting services to women in the Gainesville community to help them grow their small businesses. Our team works to provide our clients with the resources, advice, and partnerships they need to meet their business goals. We also work to provide them with personal support to grow their confidence in their professional success.

Needs Addressed

  • Gender inequality in the field of entrepreneurship
  • Small business development
  • Economic inequality in Gainesville


Despite making up about 39% of all businesses, women-run firms are responsible for only 8% of employment and 4% of revenues. A lack of available mentors & advisors and a lack of an available support system are some of the greatest hurdles to success for female entrepreneurs. Uncap aims to address this issue by working with one female-run small business each year, helping them to establish specific, measurable goals for their business, and then providing them with the advice and support they need to meet those goals for their business’ long-term growth and success. With the rapid rise of women-run businesses across the US, and Gainesville’s own role as an innovation hub for new entrepreneurs, there is also significant growth potential for our project and the impact we can create in our community.

Project Managers

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    Isabelle Langner
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    Morgan Felt

The Team

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