Enactus Active Consultancy


To assist Gainesville’s small businesses and non profits with various business aspects of their organization by utilizing the expertise of students, faculty, and volunteers to asses and overcome problems within the organization in order to contribute to the company’s long term success and help them avoid similar problems in the future.

Needs Addressed

  • Inequality in resources available to small businesses and non-profits
  • UN Goals 8 (Economic Growth) and 17 (Partnership for the goals)


A lot of small businesses in Gainesville don’t have staff with business backgrounds and don’t have the budget to afford professional consulting services. So while they may have an amazing product or idea that would benefit society as a whole, it might not even make it to market. This is where EAC comes in. Our goal is to reduce the disadvantages that small businesses have by providing free business consulting services.

Project Managers

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    Ankit Balaraju
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    Daniel Quinones

The Team

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