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Robert E Thomas

Darden Restaurants Professor
University of Florida,
Warrington College of Business
Management Department
PO Box 117165 Gainesville FL 32611
Stuzin Hall 227
(352) 392-0136


PhD - Economics, Stanford University, Graduate School of Business, 1989
JD - Law, Stanford University, 1982
AB - Economics, Princeton University, 1979

Research Areas

Intellectual property policy, Patent Law Reform, Managing Technology Innovation, E-Commerce Law, Law and Economics, Balancing Innovation Incentives with Access
Coalition Formation and Battles to Effect Intellectual Property Policy Change in the Age of ACTA, AIA, and the SHIELD Act
Published Year: 2013
Authors: Daniel Cahoy Linda Oswald Robert Thomas

Unifying the International Law of Business Method and Software Patents
Published Year: 2009
Authors: Robert Thomas
'Drawing a Line in the Patent Subject Matter Sands: Does Europe Provide a Solution to the Business Method and Software Patent Problem?'
Journal: Boston College Comparative and International law Review
Published Year: 2011
Authors: S. Marsnik Robert Thomas

'Justice Sotomayor on the Supreme Court: A Boon for Business?'
Journal: Virginia Law & Business Review 4
Published Year: 2009
Authors: D. Muir D. Baumer S. Greene G. Mark Robert Thomas

'Debugging Software Patents Increasing Innovation and Reducing Uncertainty in the Judicial Reform of Software Patent Law,'
Journal: Santa Clara Computer and High Technology Law Journal
Published Year: 2008
Authors: Robert Thomas

'Harmonizing the International Law of Business Method and Software Patents: Following Europe's Lead,'
Journal: Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal
Published Year: 2007
Authors: L. DiMatteo Robert Thomas

'Vanquishing Copyright Pirates and Patent Trolls: The Divergent Evolution of Copyright and Patent Laws,'
Journal: American Business Law Journal
Published Year: 2006
Authors: Robert Thomas

'Under the Radar: The Resistance of Promotion Biases to Market Economic Forces'
Journal: Syracuse Law Review
Published Year: 2005
Authors: B. Rich Robert Thomas

'Negociación Estratégica: Conceptos Y responsabilidad in la Regulación de los Servicios Públicos, (Strategic Negotiation: Concepts and Accountability in Public Utilities Regulation),'
Journal: Revista Regulación de Agua Potable y Saneamiento Básico
Published Year: 2001
Authors: Robert Thomas

'The Economics of Race and Music,'
Journal: Sister 2 Sister
Published Year: 2001
Authors: Robert Thomas

'Attorney Fee Arrangements: The U.S. and Western European Perspective,'
Journal: Northwestern University International Journal of Law and Business
Published Year: 1999
Authors: Robert Thomas

'The Psychological Impact of Scrutiny on Contingent Fee Attorney Effort,'
Journal: West Virginia Law Review
Published Year: 1998
Authors: Robert Thomas

'The Impact Of Job Performance, Gender, and Ethnicity On The Managerial Review Of Sexual Harassment Allegations,'
Journal: Journal of Applied Social Psychology
Published Year: 1998
Authors: Robert Thomas

'Database Marketing Practices: Protecting Consumer Privacy,'
Journal: Journal of Public Policy and Marketing
Published Year: 1997
Authors: V. Maurer Robert Thomas

'Getting Credit Where Credit is Due: Proposed Changes in the Fair Credit Reporting Act,'
Journal: American Business Law Journal
Published Year: 1997
Authors: V. Maurer Robert Thomas

'Coalition Formation in Standard-Setting Alliances,'
Journal: Management Science
Published Year: 1995
Authors: R. Axelrod W. Mitchell D. Bennett E. Bruderer Robert Thomas

'The Trial Selection Hypothesis Without the 50 Percent Rule: Some Experimental Evidence,'
Journal: Journal of Legal Studies
Accepted Year: 1995
Authors: Robert Thomas
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