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Jesse V Boyles

Associate Professor
University of Florida,
Warrington College of Business
Fisher School of Accounting
PO Box 117166 Gainesville FL 32611
Gerson Hall 309
(352) 273-0210


PhD - University of Florida, 1975
MBA - University of Florida, 1971
BS - Accounting Economics Finance, University of Florida, 1968

Research Areas

Jurisprudence and Tax Accounting, Expert Systems For Tax Decision Making
Tax Planning for Educators
Published Year: 1987
Authors: J. Barrack L. Crumbley D. Maloney J. Trebby Jesse Boyles
Defensive Strategies for CPAs in Tax Practice
Journal: Journal of Accounting
Published Year: 1988
Authors: Donna Feldman Jesse Boyles

The Supreme Court Kills the Corn Products Doctrine, But Will It Rest in Peace?
Journal: Taxes - The Tax Magazine
Published Year: 1988
Authors: Jesse Boyles

Report of the ATA 1986-86 Committee on Tax Research Methodology
Journal: The Journal of the American Taxation Association
Published Year: 1987
Authors: W. Seago T. Flesher M. Moore S. Nordhauser Jesse Boyles

How Multiparty Like-Kind Exchanges Work
Journal: Prentice-Hall Tax Ideas
Published Year: 1986
Authors: Jesse Boyles

Commissioner v. Engle: Taxpayers Receive a 1984 Orwellian Greeting From the Supreme Court
Journal: Review of Taxation of Individuals
Published Year: 1986
Authors: Jesse Boyles

Administrative Expense Deductions Under Section 2053: A Skirmish Becomes a Battle as the Circuits Draw Their Boundaries
Journal: The Review of Taxation of Individuals
Published Year: 1983
Authors: David Hammer Jesse Boyles

Renunciations and Disclaimers After Section 2518: Order or Chaos?
Journal: Memphis State University Law Review
Published Year: 1982
Authors: Jesse Boyles

The Philosophy Underlying the Section 385 Regulations: A Critical Evaluation
Journal: The Tulsa Law Journal
Published Year: 1982
Authors: Jesse Boyles

The Regulations Under Section 385: A Review, Evaluation, and a Suggested Approach
Journal: Villanova Law Review
Published Year: 1981
Authors: Jesse Boyles
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