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Jongsub Lee

Assistant Professor
University of Florida,
Warrington College of Business
Department of Finance, Insurance & Real Estate
PO Box 117168 Gainesville FL 32611
Stuzin Hall 315E
(352) 273-4966


PhD - Finance, New York University, 2011
MPhil - Finance, New York University, 2009
MSc - Financial Engineering, Columbia University, 2004
BSc - Mechanical Engineering, Summa Cum Laude, Seoul National University, 2003

Research Areas

Corporate Governance, International Corporate Finance, Credit Risk
Does Political Alignment Between Top Management and Directors Impair Board Independence?
Published Year: 2012
Authors: Kwang Lee Nandu Nagarajan Jongsub Lee
Exodus from Sovereign Risk: Global Asset and Information Networks in the Pricing of Corporate Credit Risk
Journal: Journal of Finance
Published Year: 2016
Authors: Jongsub Lee Andy Naranjo Stace Sirmans

Birds of a feather: Value implications of political alignment between top management and directors
Journal: Journal of Financial Economics
Accepted Year: 2014
Authors: Jongsub Lee Kwang Lee Nandu Nagarajan
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