Leadership Ventures

What are Leadership Ventures?

Leadership ventures are unique out-of-the-classroom experiences to help connect business students while teaching leadership, teamwork, and communication skills in a hands-on way, out of the normal environment. Leadership Ventures allow students to meet their peers, work in a group, and have fun. New leadership ventures are introduced each year, while still keeping some of the favorites. Any Warrington College of Business undergraduate student is eligible to apply.

Past Ventures

Sailing Regatta

This Leadership Venture put Warrington Students on the open water of St. Augustine with an introduction to sailing and sailboat racing. Participants were divided among boats and learned to work as a team by rotating through the various responsibilities and effectively communicating in the race. The participants chose their helmsperson and received directions from an instructor. The race gave participants a chance to work together to cross the finish line first.

Amazing Race: Gainesville

Warrington students put their navigation, strategic, and leadership skills to the test. Based on the popular television program, teams raced across the University of Florida campus and surrounding Gainesville community towards a final checkpoint. The Amazing Race featured several unique and fun challenges that helped students develop critical thinking, team building, and communication skills.

Cake Boss

The Cake Boss Leadership Venture provided an opportunity for students to learn the art of cake decorating, how to work with challenging expectations, and how to present a finished product to clients. Students were divided into teams and tasked with creating cakes for a sweet sixteen, anniversary, child’s birthday party, and more. This leadership venture focused on building teamwork and communication skills, networking with fellow business students, improving public speaking competencies.

Firefighter For A Day

This event was full of learning new skills such as how to improve your response to stressful situations, how to work with a team in a high-pressure environment, and how to adapt your leadership style to new scenarios. The event was held at the Florida State Fire College in Ocala. Participants had the opportunity to hear from Florida’s best fire officials, repel off the side of a building, extinguish a live fire, and much more.

Iron Chef: Fat Tuscan

Teams of Warrington Students were put to the test of developing a meal comprised of a secret ingredient. Within each team, roles were divided between the cooking of the food, the development of a restaurant name and concept, and the pitch to the panel of judges. Partnering with a local restaurant, Fat Tuscan, teams had the ability to develop their teamwork, communication, and active listening skills while making new friends and learning about different restaurants in the local community.


Leadership ventures require a large amount of resources. We are currently looking for ways to build partnerships with interested guests and employers to provide this experience to more students in exciting new team environments. If you are interested in more information on how you can partner with the Warrington Diplomats for future Leadership Ventures, please contact Bernadine Thomas, Associate Director, Undergraduate Business Career Services.