Warrington Diplomat Executive Board

Warrington Diplomat Executive Board members
From left to right: Alexandra Kasper, Zachary Nebrasky, Karissa Seepaul, Rusin Andonov, and Madison Fitch

A Warrington Diplomat Executive Board position is a true honor and responsibility to lead not only your fellow Diplomats, but serve as the face of students for the Warrington College of Business. Meet the 2019-2020 Warrington Diplomat Executive Board!


  • Attend Weekly Executive Board Meetings
  • Attend Bi-Weekly Warrington Diplomat Meetings on Tuesday nights at 6:15pm
  • Devote 2-6 hours per week to trainings, meetings, tours, and other responsibilities. The schedule of a Warrington Diplomat changes throughout the semester where there are some weeks, you will be working much more than 2-6 hours (Warrington Career Week), and some weeks there will be less time commitments.
  • Willingness to help with any task and be a leader by example, representing the Warrington College of Business to the best of your ability
  • Take initiative in all areas of program


  • Current Warrington Diplomat
  • Minimum 3.3 Overall UF GPA


Please make sure to read through the entire application to avoid any confusion. We look forward to reviewing your application. As much as possible, prepare the following materials before beginning the application to help avoid a GatorLink login time-out:

  • Online Application Questions
    It is recommended you save your answers in a Microsoft Word document to avoid technical difficulty.
  • Resume
  • Portrait (no more than 2MB)
  • Interview
    Candidate will be interviewed by executive board member and advisor. It is highly encouraged candidates meet with current executive board members in desired roles and advisor prior to interviewing.

Applications will open in Spring 2020.