March 10 Dean Memo

From: John Kraft, Dean

Warrington and COVID-19

The following information links to three memos that are important to the operations of the college over the next several days and weeks.

  1. Although the Provost recommends that live classes move online, the College wants to transition all modular classes to online as soon as possible. These courses have just started; therefore, adjustments can be made to your syllabus as you wish to accommodate the new delivery mode.
  2. Our Teaching & Learning Center and tech staffs will produce videos that will assist you with this transition (to be distributed within the next few days). Please be patient with them as they are working as fast as they can. Please email them questions that you may have after you see the videos.
  3. For all EP courses, please notify students immediately that you are transitioning to fully online with no live class meetings. Please see memo from Amanda Phalin which covers most of the bases.
  4. For all non-EP semester-long courses, please begin transitioning to online as soon as possible. As mentioned in the Provost’s memo, any changes to your syllabus must be approved by the Dean’s Office.
  5. For MBA cohorts meeting on weekends, the memo from John Gresley will be helpful. Please keep in mind that the actual transition to online may not be immediate.


  • The University has agreed to pay for online testing through Honorlock which is similar to ProctorU. The college will determine which classes use Honorlock and which continue to use ProctorU. Documentation for Honorlock will be provided later today.
    • For EP faculty already using ProctorU for all sections, no change is needed.
    • For EP faculty with live assembly exams, please await an email from Meg later today that stipulates how we will integrate ProctorU and Honorlock.
    • MBA courses using ProctorU will continue to use ProctorU.
    • All other courses that move to online with exams will need to use Honorlock for any exam over 15% of the final grade. Please email Meg to discuss the best strategies for exam building and proctoring.

Other issues:

  • Advising: the College recommends that all student advising be done via Zoom appointments.
  • Other scheduled events & meetings (guest speakers, advisory board meetings, student award banquets or any other gathering): the College recommends that you either reschedule, cancel or put online if feasible. While there’s been no definitive mandate from Administration, we must anticipate that it’s a possibility so it’s best to prepare.
  • Graduation: we have no definitive information at this time. The President’s office is monitoring the situation.
  • Working from home: HR plans to expedite the Alternative Work Location approval process. More details to follow.

Please visit Warrington’s home page for up-to-date information regarding COVID-19 issues including information on travel.