Working Remotely

Faculty and staff should prepare and learn how to utilize technology and methods to keep working away from the office. Our Information Technology Support Programs office have prepared instructions and resources to keep you accessible, engaged and productive.

Preparing your Computer for Remote Connection

Remote access can make it easier for employees to work from home. The directions below show you how to remotely connect.

Using Zoom for video conferencing

Zoom is a university licensed platform for video communications. This resource can be used to connect with co-workers when working from home.

Using Microsoft Teams for online collaboration

Microsoft Teams is highly recommended for all Warrington faculty and staff. The platform is great for group chats, screen sharing, file sharing and most other necessities when working remotely.

It works across campus and can be accessed by simply logging in with your Gatorlink username and password.

VPN Speed Issues

If the UF VPN speed is sluggish, connect to the UF VPN consider using a “Campus Only VPN Tunnel” in order to reduce traffic through the VPN system. Widespread adoption of this measure could improve VPN performance for us all. Using a Campus Only VPN tunnel will provide you with access to network shares, printers, and other “campus only” resources, but will minimize the strain on the campus VPN system when you use cloud-based services such as Zoom or Canvas.

The full procedure is documented on the AnyConnect Operations Guide.

If you need any assistance with making this change to your campus VPN setup – or other support issues – please submit an IT Help ticket or call the TAC at 352-273-0248 for immediate assistance.

Softphone Services

You can use your UF phone number from home with Softphone. This software will let you use your iPhone or Android smartphone to receive and make calls from your UF phone number.

This service simplifies working from home for you and your team. There’s no need to share cellphone numbers or give personal phone numbers to external contacts.

UF Resources

UF has resources available to ease your transition to working from home. For email, Microsoft office, Dropbox and Google suite resources, visit UF’s collaboration services.