ProctorU Student Guide

If your faculty chooses to use ProctorU as a proctoring option for their exams, please follow your faculty’s instructions carefully and prepare your testing environment based on the guidelines below.

Before Your Exam

  1. Sign Up Early

Be sure to schedule your exam at least 72 hours in advance.

  1. Get Google Chrome

Make sure you have Google Chrome and the ProctorU Chrome extension enabled. Google Chrome is the only supported browser for taking exams in Canvas. You may find the extension language confusing so we have included an explanation of what that language means for your computer and applications. You can always feel free to remove the extension after each exam.

Google Chrome web store

What does the Google Chrome Extension privacy disclosure really mean? Here is a short description that shows how ProctorU uses these features:

  • Read and change all your data on the websites you visit – While this permission may sound a little intimidating, ProctorU uses this functionality during your exam to ensure you remain on permitted pages or sites. For example, your facilitator might restrict the use of another webpage during the exam.
  • Display notifications – This permission allows the proctor to send you a notification while in your exam.
  • Communicate with cooperating websites – During your exam, ProctorU may need to communicate with your test delivery provider or learning management system to ensure all the necessary conditions are set for an optimal testing experience.
  • Read and modify data you copy and paste – This prevents the use of copy and paste during the exam which protects exam integrity.
  • Detect your physical location – Knowing where you’re testing helps ProctorU provide a better experience and potentially help you if you encounter a technical issue.
  • Capture the content of your screen – ProctorU needs to be able to see what you’re doing during the exam to provide their online monitoring and exam integrity service.
  1. Use a Strong Internet Connection

You will need a solid, private internet connection (ProctorU will not work via public wifi). You may experience difficulties in the stability of your internet connection. Even with the best wireless connection, the extra load of the proctoring software will slow things down and make it difficult for images and charts to load and to save answers to your questions. Most issues with ProctorU are due to slow internet and/or connection drops. If you are able to use an Ethernet cable, get one and learn how to use it before your exam.

Note On Corporate Environments: For the best proctoring experience, ProctorU recommends test-takers not use corporate network connections to take their exam. Corporate networks often have strict security settings that are not compatible with the tools used to proctor the exam. The ProctorU Test-Taker Resource Center​ page (see Step 4 below) can help identify potential network connectivity issues, however, because of the wide range of security options available to corporate network administrators, test-takers may still experience connectivity issues when using a corporate network.

If test-takers must take the exam from a corporate location, they should use a “guest” network, rather than their normal corporate connection. If a “guest” network is not available, test-takers should consider using a different network, such as their home network, a hotspot, etc.

  1. Test Your System

You will need webcam, speakers and microphone. Tablets are not sufficient for taking a proctored exam.

Prior to each exam, go to the ProctorU Test-Taker Resource Center to ensure your computer is ready for online proctoring by completing ProctorU’s test your equipment process.

Ensure you are using the same computer in the same testing environment that you will be using for your appointment. Also, test your equipment around the same time of day that your exam is scheduled. For example, if your exam is Friday at 7:00 p.m., test your equipment around 7:00 p.m. on an earlier day of that same week.

Test in a well-lit, quiet and private room. The lighting of your room must be daylight quality, and overhead lighting is preferred. If overhead lighting is not possible, please ensure your light source is not directly behind you. This will make it difficult for your proctor to see you.

You can do so by clicking the Requirements button found at the top of the Test-Taker Resource Center page:

Screen capture of Welcome to ProctorU with an arrow pointint to the Requirements button

Within the Requirements section of the Test-Taker Resource Center, click the Test your equipment link:

Screen capture of ProctorU's System Requirements with an arrow pointing to the Test Your Equipment link

A successful system test should show four checkpoints that indicate your computer meets the functionality required for ProctorU. This process only takes a few minutes.

Screen capture of ProctorU's Testing Your Equipment screen
  1. Find a Quiet, Private Location

Not in a coffee house, not in a car, and not on a plane. Take your exam at home, at a Proctored Online Testing Space available at one of the UF Libraries, or at any other location where you will not be interrupted.

Exam Checklist

  • Please have your photo ID ready.
  • Please bring a reflective surface such as a mirror. This helps you show the edges of your monitor to your proctor.
  • Please close out of all programs, applications and websites that do not pertain to the exam.
  • Remember to take your exam in a private location and that nobody is allowed in the room during your appointment.
  • Please remove any hats, sunglasses and headphones.
  • Be sure to remove any unallowed physical and digital notes that do not pertain to the exam from the workspace.
  • Please remove any cell phones, tablets, smart watches or laptops not connected with the live proctor from the room.
  • Once you have completed your exam, it is important that you notify your proctor that you are ready to submit your exam. The proctor will observe you clicking submit to verify the exam submission. After verification, the proctor will then observe you log out of the testing website and close the internet browser before ending your proctoring session.

Important note to macOS Catalina users: Please review these instructions before your exam.

Important: If you experience technical difficulties during the exam, ProctorU will document those difficulties and communicate with your instructor to make alternative arrangements.

Need Help or Have a Question?

Screen capture of the ProctorU live chat window

ProctorU now offers LiveChat. When visiting, or after signing into a ProctorU account at, test-takers can speak to a live representative.

Have questions about scheduling or a technical equipment question? Simply click on the new window in the bottom right, fill out the form and start chatting.

If you experience any trouble with online registration, you should use the chat found on every page of the ProctorU website or call 855-772-8678.