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Graduate Student and Course S/U Policy

The Warrington College of Business will not be offering the option to convert graduate courses to satisfactory / unsatisfactory grading for the spring 2020 term. The UF Graduate School, in the Graduate Catalog, defines satisfactory scholarship as a B average (3.0). However, the Satisfactory grade equivalent is earned by students with a performance of C (2.0) or better in the course. Although an S/U grade does not count in the GPA, this misalignment in what qualifies as satisfactory presents several challenges to graduate students as it relates to academic progress, pre-requisite qualification, probation, financial aid, graduate assistantships, etc… and these challenges are avoided by maintaining the grading scale as defined in course syllabi.

We understand some viewed this option as potential relief during a stressful time. However, the WCB graduate faculty are used to managing their courses to ensure the academic success of their students who come from a wide variety of backgrounds and bring with them considerations different from those of undergraduate students. As veteran graduate instructors they understand many of you are balancing complex work-life arrangements in addition to studying. The faculty have developed strategies and options to assist you when these delicate balances are altered. The current pandemic and shift to online instruction is one of those times. Faculty have been encouraged to be flexible and work with students as they adjust and have shown a strong willingness and ability to do so.

If you are currently experiencing an issue that is hindering your academic performance, please contact your faculty directly to explain your individual situation and to discuss options available to you to maintain your academic progress. You may also contact your program’s academic advisor to discuss your circumstances for additional support.


Undergraduate Student and Course S/U Policy

  1. The S/U/Drop policy changes for Spring 2020 announced announced Wednesday (3/25) by the State University System Board of Governors and distributed via the UF Public Release email only applies to undergraduate courses and students.
  2. If you do not have the mechanism on your ONE.UF page to change your undergraduate level courses to S/U it is because you are in a combined degree program and classified as a graduate student. Per item #1 these policy changes do not apply for you.