Heavener Students


All academic, career and study abroad advising appointments will be conducted via Zoom (or similar), phone or email. This includes all advanced registration advising. You will not have the option of coming to visit with a Heavener advisor or team member in person.

All students will receive notification of Virtual Coaching and Services options via Zoom from their assigned Career Coach.

In lieu of walk-in advising, please direct all advising questions to the Heavener School of Business office. Please send email from your UF Gatorlink account and include your UFID and specific questions. We anticipate a response rate of 1 to 2 business days. In the event a Zoom appointment with an advisor is necessary, an advisor will set this up via email.

This is an unprecedented event, and we will continue to do all we can to deliver a high quality academic experience, while also maximizing your safety and the safety of the UF community. We will all be 100% available and accessible to you during this time – to answer any questions you may have and to help in any way possible.

Please direct general questions to our main business line: 352-273-0165.


S/U Option for Online Students

We are communicating with you to provide details, clarity and advice regarding the recent UF level decision to adopt S/U grading for all “eligible” undergraduate courses, for the Spring 2020 semester. The Warrington College is fully supportive of this decision, and plans to provide maximum flexibility to our students during this unprecedented time. We also want to give you as much information and guidance to help you make the best decision possible here.

After reviewing this information, we recommend that you meet with your academic advisor to discuss the consequences before making an irreversible S/U election.

Frequently Asked S/U Questions

What is S/U eligible?
  • Full details: Emergency S/U Policy for Spring 2020 Semester
  • We have elected to make all undergraduate courses within the Warrington College S/U eligible for the Spring 2020 term. Every undergraduate student can request for their undergraduate courses within the Warrington College this term be converted to S/U – and all of these requests will be automatically approved by the University if made on or before April 22nd.
    • We have confirmed that key critical tracking courses taught outside of the college (CGS 2531, ECO 2013, ECO 2023, MAC 2233, MAC 2234 and STA 2023) will also be S/U eligible
    • Please note, if you are taking courses outside of our College (beyond the critical tracking courses mentioned), these Colleges will determine which courses are S/U eligible. Beginning April 1, you will be able to see which of your courses are eligible for S/U when you log into ONE.UF and follow the instructions for requesting S/U.
How do I decide if S/U is a good option for me?

S/U Defined:

  • An ”S” grade at UF equates to a C or better letter grade. Therefore, a grade of C- or below will translate to a U grade assignment for any course that is converted, via individual student request, to an S/U designation
  • To clarify:
    • Letter grade system
      • Passing grades (grades that earn credit) = A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-
      • Failing grades (grades that do not earn credit) = E, WF, I, NG
    • S/U option
      • Passing grade (credits earned) = S
      • Failing grade (credits not earned) = U
    • It is important for you to carefully consider what constitutes a passing vs. failing grade for S/U if you choose this option for the Spring 2020 semester. To emphasize: S/U is not equivalent to Pass/Fail, and if one earns a U for a class, credit is not earned for that class.
How does S/U affect my GPA?

S and U grades do not affect your critical tracking GPA, CORE GPA, or your overall GPA. This could be good or bad. For example, if hoping to increase your GPA with Spring 2020 classes, this will not be possible if you convert classes to S/U grading.

How does S/U affect my probation status?

If you are currently on academic probation, please make an appointment with your academic advisor before electing to convert your courses to the S/U option. There are many factors to consider before making this choice, and your advisor can help you decide if this is the right option for you.

How does S/U affect my graduation status?

If you are planning to graduate this semester and have questions about the S/U option on your graduation status or earning honors please contact your academic advisor.

With a deadline of April 22nd to decide whether I should switch a course to S/U (or drop it), can I ask my instructors to move up their exams and/or accelerate their grading of end-of-term exams and assignments?

The amount of final grade information you will have before April 22nd will vary from course to course. You must make your decision about whether to switch a course(s) to S/U with the grade information you have on hand on or before April 22nd. Instructors are not expected to move up exams/assignments or accelerate their grading of end-of-term exams/assignments in order to provide final grade information before the end of the term. Please refrain from making these requests. Rest assured, your instructors are doing their absolute best to accommodate you and your classmates. If you have limited information, have additional questions or need help making your S/U decision, please contact your academic advisor.

Most importantly, please stay informed about COVID-19 and follow all critical guidelines and recommendations from the CDC and local/state/federal government to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Know that the entire College is here to help and support you in any way that we can during this semester, and beyond. We encourage you to connect with your academic advisors with any and all questions that you have. They will work with you to provide solutions, support and insight, as will we.

Student Activities

All CLP, BCS, BCC and student organization activities will be suspended or conducted remotely. No UF associated programs or activities will host in-person activities or meetings during this time. In accordance with UF strategy, student travel for university related activities must be suspended (e.g., student organization professional development trips). We do fully encourage and support Zoom meetings.

To support these measures, the 3rd floor of Heavener Hall and all classrooms in Heavener Hall will be closed to students from March 16-30. You will have access to breakout rooms and common gathering space. We highly encourage the recommended 6ft social distancing at all times in all spaces in Heavener (and in all of your daily activities).

International Programs

Please direct all study abroad advising questions to the Heavener International Programs office. Messages should be sent from your UF GatorLink account and include your UFID and specific questions. We anticipate a response rate of 1 to 2 business days. In the event a Zoom appointment with an advisor is necessary, and advisor will set this up a meeting via email.

Students can review the Covid-19 Study abroad FAQs or call International Programs for general questions at: 352.273.0151

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