Guide to Understanding Canvas Quiz Settings

  1. Name your quiz in the first field.
  2. Include very clear instructions in the text area. This will save you tons of emails if you document what students should and should not do and what they can expect.
Screen capture of the Canvas Quizzes window with a field for a title and a text area for a description
  1. Leave ProctorU switched off.
  2. Leave the Quiz Type and Assignment Group drop-downs in their default status.
  3. Only consider shuffling answers if you do not have “all of the above” answer choices.
  4. Add a time limit, if desired.
  5. We recommend not allowing multiple attempts and not letting students see answers immediately (you can change this later).
  6. We recommend against one question at a time, as students cannot go back to any questions for review.
Screen capture of the first few Canvas Quiz settings
  1. Add a password to your exam if it is being proctored. Ignore the Filter IP Address checkbox. Note: If you are using Honorlock to proctor an exam, you do not need to enter a password. Once you enable an exam for Honorlock proctoring, it will auto-generate a password. You will know it is a password generated by Honorlock as it will begin with “HL_NO_EDIT_” followed by a series of eight letters and numbers. Do not delete or edit the Honorlock password, or provide it to students. Honorlock accesses that code during the authentication process it performs for each student.
  2. You can assign quizzes to specific sections if you need to offer different forms of an exam. Otherwise, leave as “Everyone.”
  3. Consider dates carefully. The “Due” date is the date and time Canvas marks submissions “late.” The “Until” date is when the quiz or assignment closes all access to students. In most cases, the “due date” and the “until date” should match (disallowing students to submit late). In rare instances, you may want to accept late work. Note: The until date will close any exam even if a student is still taking it. Remember this overarching setting when scheduling windows with any proctoring service.
  4. Use the Add feature if you need to open an exam for one particular student who needs a different day or time to take an exam.
Screen capture of the last Canvas Quiz settings