Classroom Video Capabilities

Updated March 11, 2020

Hosting a Zoom meeting using an Instructor PC with Basic Webcam

Webcams are designed for a user who is immediately in front of the camera. If you move away from the webcam, the audio and video quality will suffer.

Hosting a Zoom meeting in a room with a “Room Camera

These rooms provide a much better online experience.

Video: we’ve configured the room’s hardware so that the high-quality, ceiling-mounted video camera appears on the instructor PC as it were a “webcam.” In some rooms, this is a fixed shot of the entire teaching wall. In other locations, you can use the AV control system’s touchscreen to adjust the camera (pan left/right, zoom in/out).

Audio: Instead of using a cheap webcam microphone, the computers are configured to use the high-quality microphones in the AV system. Always use the lavaliere microphone in rooms so equipped, even if they also have ceiling mics. This gives the best audio experience, and you are free to move around the room.

RoomInstructor PC has Basic WebcamRoom Camera Fixed ShotRoom Camera Adjustable ShotMediaSite Recorder
Bryan 101aYes
Bryan 130YesYes
Bryan 232Yes
Gerson 122Yes
Gerson 126YesYes
Gerson 327Yes
Heavener 140Yes
Heavener 150Yes
Heavener 160Yes
Heavener 210Yes
Heavener 220Yes
Heavener 230Yes
Heavener 240Yes
Heavener 250Yes
Heavener 260Yes
Heavener 305Yes
Heavener 306Yes
Hough 120aYesYes
Hough 120bYes
Hough 140YesYesYes
Hough 150YesYesYes
Hough 240YesYesYes
Hough 250YesYesYes
Hough 338Yes
Hough 340YesYes
Matherly 120Yes
Stuzin 104Yes