Adding Extra Time to Quizzes and Exams for Students Who Have DRC Accommodations

If you have students who need DRC accommodations for quizzes and exam, you have a few simple but additional steps needed once you’ve clicked the Publish button. First, you’ll need to add extra time via Moderate This Quiz, then you might want to extend the Due and Until time, and finally, you’ll add that info to Honorlock.

Adding Extra Time via Moderate This Quiz

Once a quiz or exam is published, you can add any necessary extra time accommodations via the Canvas Moderate This Quiz link:

  1. Click on Quizzes and then the quiz or exam you want to add extra time accommodations to.
  2. Click the Moderate This Quiz link found in the right-hand toolbar. Note: If you don’t see this link, the quiz or exam has not yet been published.
Screen capture of Moderate This Quiz link in Canvas
  1. Locate the name of the student you wish to give extra time to. You can either scroll and click through the full listing of students, or enter their name in the Search People field found at the top of the Moderate Quiz screen. Click the Filter button.
Screen capture of the Search People field on the Moderate Quiz screen in Canvas
  1. Click the pencil icon for the student you wish to give extra time to. In the Student Extensions window, add the extra time that this particular student gets (e.g., if a student has time-and-a-half accommodations for a 60 minute exam, you would enter 30 minutes). Click the Save button.
Screen capture of Student Extensions window in Canvas
  1. You will now see the extra time listed under the student’s name on the Moderate Quiz window. Repeat this process for all students who need to receive extra time for each quiz and exam you will be holding this semester.

Note: You can also give students extra time on a current attempt while a student is in the quiz or exam, as well as extra attempts.

Extending the Due and Until Times

If your exam has a shorter exam window, you may need to provide students who have extra time accommodations a longer exam window. You can do so via the Canvas differentiated access feature. To use differentiated access to adjust the Until and Due time for a quiz or exam to be later for specific students:

  1. Click on Quizzes and then the quiz or exam you want to add differentiated access to.
  2. Click the Edit button.
  3. Click the + Add button found in the Assign to field at the bottom of the Edit window.
Screen capture of the Edit window in Canvas Quizzes
  1. In the Assign to field, enter and select the names of the students who will need a longer exam window.
  2. Enter the Available from date and time, as well as the extended Due date and time. Copy the Due date and time into the Until field.
  3. Click the Save button found at the bottom of the Edit screen.
Screen capture of the Assign to, Due, Available from, and Until fields in the Edit window of Canvas Quizzes

Adding Honorlock Notes

Once you’ve given students their extra time accommodations via Moderate This Quiz and extended the Due and Until times (if necessary), you’ll want to add information about student accommodations to each quiz and exam being proctored by Honorlock.

  1. Click on Honorlock in the left-hand toolbar of your course site.
  2. If you’ve already enabled your quiz or exam for Honorlock, click the Settings button for that quiz or exam. If you have not already enabled your quiz or exam for Honorlock, click the Enable button (see Honorlock Instructor Guide for more information on that process).
Screen capture of Honorlock buttons fo Enable, Results and Settings
  1. Enter or copy and paste the time and other accommodations (such as restroom breaks or use of food and drink) into the Accommodations field. Click the Save button.
Screen capture of Honorlock's Accommodations field

Help Resources

You should now be ready for your quiz or exam! If you run into any issues with entering extra time accommodations, feel free to reach out the UF Computing Helpdesk at 352-392-4357, option 3, for assistance.