Professional Development Day

Professional Development Day is a day-long event dedicated to the career development of our students. This day consists of several Career Development Workshops delivered by corporate executives, a wide range of industry and functional breakout sessions for our students to gain valuable career information, a panel of Corporate Recruiters to take part in valuable Q&A sessions with our students, and a networking mixer for our students to practice their networking skills to round out the day.

Overall, Business Career Services has three main objectives that we try to meet for meet for our students by holding this event.

  1. To help the students become better prepared for the all-important Fall Recruiting and Interviewing Season
  2. To allow students to better understand their strengths and weaknesses via direct and constructive feedback from corporate representatives in a low risk environment
  3. To deliver a unified message to students from Hiring Managers, Corporate Executives and Recruiters regarding the current state of the economy, an idea of the competition of talent in the marketplace, a definition of highly marketable candidate qualities, and advice regarding how students can effectively “sell” themselves to Corporate Recruiters and Hiring Managers.