The University of Florida is a leading research institution. The excellent research at the Warrington College of Business impacts the entire business world. The Poe Center has provided support for the following projects:

Affiliated Faculty

  • Project on lying, cheating, stealing, and other dishonesty issues (research conducted in conjunction with faculty in the Department of Management)
  • Project on disclosure of auditor provision of consulting services, jointly between the Department of Management and the Fisher School of Accounting
  • Project on the logic and rationale of boards of directors from the standpoint of behavioral science in the Department of Management
  • Pathways for Women to Organizational Leadership, jointly with the UF Center for Women’s Studies, the University of Michigan, and Indiana University

Warrington Faculty

Larry A. DiMatteo

Larry A. DiMatteo
Huber Hurst Professor of Contract Law & Legal Studies
Management, Warrington College of Business
Paper accepted by the Cornell International Law Review on the “rule of law” applied to the interpretation of Chinese contract law by the Chinese court system.

Larry A. DiMatteo
Virginia Maurer

Larry A. DiMatteo
Huber Hurst Professor of Contract Law & Legal Studies
Virginia G. Maurer
Management, Warrington College of Business
An international case study involving ethics and corruption that won the Indiana University-ALSB Best International Case Study Award.


Swapnil Garg

Swapnil Garg
Associate Professor in Strategic Management, Indian Institute of Management
Integrative Live Case: A Contemporary Business Ethics Pedagogy
Ph.D. Graduate, Management, Warrington College of Business

Graduate Student

Anan Sturgess
Accounting and Ethics – Title TBD
expected graduation date – August 2018


Abigail Fielding

Abby Fielding
Project: Assessing Ethics in the Recruitment Process: The Need and Feasibility in the Financial Industry
Research Facilitation: University Scholars Program
Mentor: Dr. Michele Darnell