Kelley A. Bergstrom Real Estate Center 2019-20


Executive Summary

About the Bergstrom Center

The Kelley A. Bergstrom Real Estate Center is greatly admired among industry leaders as a hub of information and a resource for all things commercial real estate. The Center’s ability to provide opportunities for students to connect with industry leaders has produced a legacy of outstanding talent and powerful connections. The program’s world-renowned faculty, industry-leading research, rigorous curriculum and connection to the Center makes the MSRE program one of the best in the county.

The Center was named after Kelley A. Bergstrom, Chairman, Bergstrom Investment Management, in 2006, after Mr. Bergstrom created an endowment to support the Center for years to come.

From the Executive Director

I suspect your COVID-19 experience is much like mine: We are so intensely involved in compensating for its effects that we think of little else. Today, I lost track of which day it is and tried desperately to Zoom tomorrow’s Faculty Senate meeting. So, are we winning the challenge of Covid-19? In a surprising number of ways, yes!

Here are some points that the Bergstrom Center advisory board and the real estate program have scored against COVID-19:

  • Despite the economic situation, 91 percent of our 2020 MSRE graduates now have jobs.
  • Dr. Bill Hughes joined us in July as the Director of Applied Research and already has had a marked effect on our capabilities, our plans and our students.
  • The outreach of our advisory board and alumni to our students has been incredible. We have long bragged about their engagement, but they are hitting home runs left and right with Zoom sessions and hosting field trips for MSREs. Since March, over 30 board members and MSRE alumni have given a Zoom presentation on their work and role in the industry, or on other matters important to our students. Many appeared two times! They have averaged superb!
  • Our MSRE enrollment has mushroomed from 35 to 50, and the total number of active MSRE students has reached 66 while many other graduate programs have shrunk! This growth reflects the growing reputation of our program and great recruiting efforts, especially by Associate Director of Admissions and Student Services, Courtney Mack, but also by the entire Bergstrom team.
  • In the face of COVID-19 limitations we have found new ways to teach that are so beneficial that they are becoming the standard, and will remain after COVID is gone. An example is the Master Class created by Assistant Director, Nikki Wagner, and Director Tim Becker that, alone, brought 17 advisory board members to engage with our incoming MSREs.

In short, none of us would wish what is on us today. But it is not getting the best of us, and we have hope that once we are out of this shadowy passage, our students will be able to look back and believe that we accomplished what was needed for them to have a great future.


Dr. Wayne Archer,
William D. Hussey Professor
Executive Director, Bergstrom Center

Dr. Wayne Archer teaching class

Faculty & Staff

Creating the Industry Standard

The Kelley A. Bergstrom Real Estate Center is home to some of the most respected minds in commercial real estate.

Faculty and staff posing with NFL legend Emmitt Smith at the Trends Conference
Wayne Archer
Executive Director, Kelley A. Bergstrom Real Estate Center
Wayne R. Archer
William D. Hussey Professor
David Ling
Director, Nathan S. Collier Master of Science in Real Estate
David Curtis Ling
Ken and Linda McGurn Professor
Tim Becker
Director, Kelley A. Bergstrom Real Estate Center
Timothy Stewart Becker
Nikki Wagner
Assistant Director, Kelley A. Bergstrom Real Estate Center
Nikki G. Wagner
Bill Hughes
Research Director, Kelley A. Bergstrom Real Estate Center
Bill Hughes
Courtney Mack
Associate Director, Academic Advisor III, Kelley A. Bergstrom Real Estate Center
Courtney K. Mack

Student Achievements

Ready for Impact

Whether learning in the classroom or visiting real estate companies around the world, students at the Bergstrom Center come face-to-face with pressing issue in today’s commercial real estate industry. This ensures that we are producing immediately impactful employees after graduation.

A group of MSRE students on a study abroad trip

Average GMAT


Average GRE


Average GPA



Class of 2020
  • James Barrios
    James A. Barrios

    LinkedIn | Intro Video

    Placed: Diversified Realty Development
    Fort Lauderdale, FL
    Assistant Development Director/Project Manager

  • Jack Bergida
    Jack Bergida

    LinkedIn | Intro Video

    Placed: Bridge Capital Group, Boca Raton, FL Financial Accounting Analyst

  • Ian Breyer
    Ian Breyer

    LinkedIn | Intro Video

    Placed: USAA Real Estate
    San Antonio, TX
    Rotational Analyst

  • Cary Brown
    Cary Brown

    LinkedIn | Intro Video

    Location: Tampa, Austin, Washington D.C., Charlotte
    Interests: Finance, Development, Analyst, Brokerage

  • Blake Bryant
    Blake Bryant

    LinkedIn | Intro Video

    Placed: Stoneweg US, LLC. St. Petersburg, FL Development & Finance Analyst

  • Antoun Chebat
    Antoun Chebat

    LinkedIn | Intro Video

    Placed: Xenel Industries LTD, Development Associate

  • Josue Collado
    Josue Collado

    LinkedIn | Intro Video

    Placed: University Realty, Gainesville, FL, Realtor Associate

  • Elizabeth Collins
    Liz Collins

    LinkedIn | Intro Video

    Placed: Duff & Phelps, Atlanta, GA, Real Estate Analyst

  • Clayton Crevasse
    Clayton Crevasse

    LinkedIn | Intro Video

    Placed: Green Street Advisory, Newport Bch, CA, Advisory Associate

  • Bryan Dentici
    Bryan Dentici, MIB

    LinkedIn | Intro Video

    Placed: Rennert Vogel Mandler & Rodriguez, P.A., Miami, FL, Taxation Analyst

  • Sarah Ermer
    Sarah Ermer

    LinkedIn | Intro Video

    Placed: B+E Net Lease, Analyst

  • Micahel Germi
    Michael Germi

    LinkedIn | Intro Video

    Continuing Education

  • Alex Gottlieb
    Alex Gottlieb

    LinkedIn | Intro Video

    Placed: Mega Contracting Group, LLC, New York, NY Development Project Manager

  • Alex Guluzian
    Alexander Guluzian

    LinkedIn | Intro Video

    Placed: Epoch Residential
    Tampa, FL, Development Associate

  • Steven Halsey
    Steven Halsey

    LinkedIn | Intro Video

    MSRE Peer Leader
    Placed: Franklin Street, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Analyst

  • Mike Harris
    Michael Harris

    LinkedIn | Intro Video

    Placed: Halstatt Real Estate Partners
    Naples, FL, Analyst

  • Shannon Hess
    Shannon Hess

    LinkedIn | Intro Video

    Placed: CSC, Tampa, FL, Real Estate Coordinator

  • Robert Holihan
    Robert Holihan

    LinkedIn | Intro Video

    Placed: Equinox Development Properties
    Maitland, FL
    Development Associate

  • Andrea Johansson
    Andrea Johansson

    LinkedIn | Intro Video

    Placed: Sleiman Enterprise Jacksonville, FL Special Projects/Associate

  • Tyler Kasten
    Tyler Kasten

    LinkedIn | Intro Video

    Placed: Rendina Healthcare Real Estate Jupiter, FL Investment Analyst

  • Connor Keis
    Connor Kreis

    LinkedIn | Intro Video

    Placed: Wells Fargo, New York, NY, Commercial Real Estate Analyst

  • Andrew Miller
    Andrew Miller

    LinkedIn | Intro Video

    Placed: ZOM Living, Orlando, FL, Investment Analyst

  • Cody Monroe
    Cody Monroe

    LinkedIn | Intro Video

    Placed: Annapolis Capital Partners, Jacksonville Beach, FL, Managing Partner

  • Carter Nash
    Carter Nash

    LinkedIn | Intro Video

    Placed: Ten-X Commercial, Miami, FL, Asset Management Analyst

  • Clayton Robinson
    Clayton Robinson

    LinkedIn | Intro Video

    Placed: Ram Reality Services
    Palm Beach Gardens, FL
    Investment Analyst

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez

    LinkedIn | Intro Video

    Placed: BBG, Valuation Analyst

  • Kyle Sarbak
    Kyle Sarbak

    LinkedIn | Intro Video

    Location: Florida, New York, North Carolina, & Atlanta
    Interests: Acquisitions, Asset Management, Development, Finance, & Private Equity

  • Kemal Sengul
    Kemal Sengul

    LinkedIn | Intro Video

    Placed: Cross Regions Group
    Jacksonville, FL

  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith

    LinkedIn | Intro Video

    Location: South Florida, Atlanta, Denver, Los Angeles
    Interests: Development, Construction, Consulting

  • Logan Storts
    Logan Storts

    LinkedIn | Intro Video

    Placed: White Cap, Atlanta, GA, Analyst

  • Enrique Triana
    Enrique Triana

    LinkedIn | Intro Video

    Placed: The Collier Companies, Gainesville, FL, Development Associate

  • Margo Utter
    Margo Utter

    LinkedIn | Intro Video

    Placed: Stiles Corporation
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Development Manager

  • Xuan “Somerville” Wang
    Xuan “Somerville” Wang

    LinkedIn | Intro Video

    MSRE Peer Leader
    Location: Tampa Bay Area, Orlando, and San Francisco Bay Area
    Interests: Development, Consulting, Construction

  • Sean West
    Sean West, MBA

    LinkedIn | Intro Video

    Placed: Greysteel, Charolotte, NC

  • Yifeng Xie
    Yifeng Xie

    LinkedIn | Intro Video

    Location: Florida
    Interests: Development, Asset Management, Brokerage

  • Yixuan Zhang
    Yixuan Zhang, M.Arch

    LinkedIn | Intro Video

    Placed: Road King Properties, Guang Zhou, China

Real Estate Education at UF

Nathan S. Collier Master of Science in Real Estate

The traditional MSRE program is a 10-month, 34-credit, in-residence program that is focused on commercial real estate, led by two of the most recognized names in real estate education and research—Professors Wayne Archer and David Ling.

Joint J.D./MSRE

This unique program allows students to complete both the Juris Doctor and MSRE degrees in three years by double-counting some credits from each degree toward the other degree’s elective credits.

Combination Bachelor/MSRE program

Combination degree students are highly qualified and motivated, have earned significant college credits in high school, and want the added challenge of taking MSRE coursework while still finishing their undergraduate degree. They apply some MSRE graduate credits toward their undergraduate degree, then complete the rest of their 34 MSRE program credits after earning their undergraduate degree.

MBA with a real estate concentration

MBA students take eight credits of real estate coursework as electives to earn the concentration.

Minor in real estate

The College offers an undergraduate and graduate real estate minor, giving students exposure to diverse topics in real estate.

Courtney Mack

Academic Questions?

Courtney Mack
Director of Admissions and Student Services
Nathan S. Collier MSRE program
352-273-0310 or email Courtney


Industry Involvement

Learning from the Best

Students at the Bergstrom Center are constantly around important players in the commercial real estate industry. Whether learning from a guest speaker on campus or networking with companies at our annual Trends & Strategies Conference, students are consistently spending time around industry leaders.

Guest speaker

Trends Conference Committee

Thank you to the Trends Conference committee. Their dedication and organization played an integral role in the conference.

Ernest Johnson
ApexOne Investment Partners

Sponsorship chair:
Jerry P Gisclair
Colliers International Valuation & Advisory Services

Steve Messing
The Ferber Company

Robert Klein

Sandy G. Hostetter

Don Ginsburg
Katalyst Real Estate & Development

Elise Batsel
Stearns Weaver Miller Weissler



Leading the Way

The Bergstrom Center’s Advisory Board works to advance the quality and visibility of the university’s real estate degree programs.

Advisory Board members speaking on a panel at Trends Conference

Chairman Circle

The Bergstrom Center’s Chairman Circle donors give at one of the highest levels. We thank them for their leadership.

Advisory Board

Thank you to all of the advisory board members for everything they do to support the Center and program!