Analytics and AI Experts

Analytics and AI are not new at the Warrington College of Business. The College is home to more than 40 faculty members with research or teachings interest directly related to analytics and AI, and that number is only growing. Their research and teaching focuses on the analysis of large volumes of corporate, social media, stock market and electronic commerce data using cutting-edge methods. They also contribute to a growing body of research on social implications of analytics and AI, such as the governance of AI for corporate digital responsibility, AI’s role in structural bias in decision making in several domains.

JIm Hoover sitting at a desk working on a computer with two monitors

PhD Dissertations

Every year, Warrington College grants about 15 PhDs. A majority of the dissertations written by the students focus on the analysis of corporate data using analytics and AI methods.


Faculty publications

In the last three years, faculty in the Warrington College have published over 130 research papers using methods related to Analytics and AI.

Faculty Highlight: Mo Wang

Mo Wang

Mo Wang, Lanzillotti-McKethan Eminent Scholar at UF Warrington, is among the recipients of a Fairness in Artificial Intelligence (AI) grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) in collaboration with Amazon. Wang and a team of investigators have been awarded nearly $1 million to establish machine learning as a pillar for design in automated personnel-selection systems used in human resource management. Read more about this.