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From Beijing to Dublin, Warrington students are relishing their global internships.

A Broadway Hit

Miles Wilkin (BSBA ’70) helped bring Broadway to the masses, and the theatre community honored him with a special Tony Award.

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Hope and Opportunity

Maruchi Azorin’s (BA ’75, MBA ’78) business success and selfless volunteerism was recognized by UF’s Association of Hispanic Alumni.

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“Suiting Up” For a Cause

A joke from a popular TV show inspired David Nassau (BSBA ’16) to raise money for multiple sclerosis research.

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Class Notes

  • James Boudreau II (BSAc ’15, MAcc ’15)
  • Tyler Minix (MSRE ’12)
  • Michael Perry Lehnert (BSBA ’12, JD ’15)
  • Eli Randel (MBA ’11)
  • Caleb Quaid (MBA ’09)
  • Caroleen Brej (BSBA ’08, JD ’11)
  • Natasha Novikov (BSBA ’05)
  • Greg May (BSBA ’01)
  • Aaron Mighty (BSBA ’01)
  • Kellie Johnson (BSBA ’99)
  • David Seifer (BSBA ’94, MBA ’98, JD ’98)
  • Michael S. Barron (BSBA ’94)
  • Anne Kress (BSBA ’85, BA ’87, MA ’89, Ph.D. ’07)
  • Bill Werther Jr. (BSBA ’68, MA ’69, Ph.D. ’71)

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