A new look for Warrington

This past year, the College collaborated with 160over90—a national branding agency—to enhance the Warrington brand. That collaboration has generated some fundamental changes to the College’s identity we’re excited to share with you. Here are a few of our most notable changes:

  • How We Identify the College: As we strategically position our communications to place more equity in the name Warrington, simplifying the identifier will make both verbal and written uses more consistent. Therefore, “Administration” has been removed from our College name.
  • Logo: Our new logo highlights the naming modification. The logo has been updated with the bolder and more modern Gentona font. Its distinctive weights, from thick to thin, provide dynamic variations to grab the attention of different audiences.
  • Visual Design: As we begin to utilize our new fonts, color palette and graphic elements, our designs will be bolder and more engaging. View the College’s 2015 Dean’s Report, our first major publication implementing the new style.

“This brand evolution is vital for the College to remain competitive with the nation’s top public business schools,” said John Kraft, Warrington’s Dean. “Our enhanced brand will strengthen Warrington’s identity and differentiate the College even more as a leader in business education.”