Second Chapter for Warrington Stories

This past spring, the College introduced “Warrington Stories,” an online storytelling platform highlighting students with a unique story to tell.

Thanks to positive feedback from students and alumni, Warrington Stories makes its fall debut with the story of Samantha Miller, an undergraduate student whose curiosity led to a published study that empowers women and addresses pay inequality.

The theme for Warrington Stories is collaboration, and the amazing outcomes that result from members of the Warrington community working together. Miller’s collaboration with Warrington professor Dr. Jane Douglas epitomizes what Warrington Stories is all about.

During a student business organization meeting, Miller was introduced to a study stating women were inferior negotiators to men. Questioning the study’s design and findings, Miller set off to find her own answers. She teamed with Dr. Douglas through UF’s University Scholars Program, and conducted their own study that successfully challenged the earlier findings. Their work, which found that women who viewed themselves as poor negotiators lacked opportunities and experiences in negotiating—and that their gender was irrelevant—appeared in the peer-reviewed International Journal of Business Administration in March. Their findings are a positive sign for women, who earn 77 cents for every dollar men earn according to a study by the White House.

The College is asking its alumni to support this campaign. Many of the experiential learning opportunities that foster these incredible collaborations like study abroad, case competitions and professional development programs are funded by private giving. These are the resources and opportunities that give Warrington students a genuine advantage over the competition, and alumni support is vital to our students’ success.

Also, to inspire our students, the College is asking alumni to share their stories of collaboration on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #WarringtonStories.