Warrington Stories

When alumni visit the College, whether to participate in a speaker series or alumni event, one of their favorite activities is to engage with current students and hear their stories.

So we decided to bring those stories to our alumni worldwide. The result was “Warrington Stories,” an online storytelling platform launched this spring that highlights students with a unique story to tell.

We began “Warrington Stories” with a look at freshman Jasmine Dareus, who assumed family responsibilities during her high school years that no teenager should have to. The toll those responsibilities took on Dareus was devastating, but she rebounded from those struggles and is off to a great start in her UF and Warrington career.

Along with the launch of “Warrington Stories,” the College also challenged 350 alumni to make a gift in April.

We’re pleased to report our alumni answered that challenge, surpassing the mark with 361 alumni donors, and gifts totaling almost $200,000.

Funds raised in annual giving campaigns like Warrington Stories provide our College a margin of excellence. This edge gives our students the resources and support they need to make a Warrington education truly extraordinary. Experiential learning opportunities like international case competitions, professional development programs and curriculum enhancements are all key initiatives funded by alumni.

“Our alumni’s dedication to our students can always be counted on,” said Rebecca Lakkis, Associate Director of Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving. “Their generosity during this campaign was exceptional, and shows just how much Warrington alumni value our students’ success.”