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From alumni to students, mentorship is playing a key role at Warrington.

Testing the Waters

Warrington’s new Alumni App is attracting interest from Business Gators across the country.

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Hometown Hero

Mark Frisch seized a unique opportunity, and has brought professional soccer back to Jacksonville.

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Money Talks

Warrington entrepreneurs share their advice on how to raise capital for your venture.

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Class Notes

  • Alicia Holden (BSBA ’12)
  • Jason Bewley (MBA ’11)
  • David Molyneaux (MSE ’11)
  • Evan Tyroler (BSBA ’07, MSRE ’08)
  • Matthew Nelson (MBA ’07) and Jennifer Lada (BSAc ’95, MAcc ’97)
  • Cory Presnick (BSAc ’05, MAcc ’05)
  • Guillermo Diaz (BSME ’98, MBA ’04)
  • David Huppert (BABA ’00)
  • Jennifer Messal (BSAc ’99)
  • Sandy Samuel (BSBA ’81)
  • Michael McKee (BSBA ’77)
  • J. Stephen Becker (MBA ’71)

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