Sharing Our Success

2014 was a memorable year for the Warrington College of Business Administration, and those special moments were enthusiastically shared through the Warrington community via social media. From multimillion-dollar gifts to Buzzfeed posts, UF Warrington’s social media reflected the College’s groundbreaking year.

1) Al Warrington’s historic gift

Business Gators across the nation were both amazed and inspired by Al and Judy Warrington’s $75 million gift to the College. The gift was the largest ever given to the University of Florida. View “A Gator for the Ages” post.

2) Heavener Hall

Undergraduates and alumni alike were excited to see the interior of Heavener Hall, the College’s new home for undergraduate business education. Classes begin in this state-of-the-art facility in January. View Inside Heavener Hall Photo Tour.

3) Veterans Day

Honoring our veterans is important to UF Warrington, and Business Gators were interested to learn about the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation’s Veterans Entrepreneurship Program – a free program that helps disabled veterans succeed in business. View “Honoring Our Veterans” post.

4) Newest Warrington alumni

Graduation doesn’t happen every day. From family to friends to students, thousands of people enjoyed UF Warrington’s photos of our amazing graduates. View Warrington undergraduate commencement: Spring 2014 album.

5) Business Bash

Our undergraduates don’t limit their learning to classrooms. They love being involved in student organizations, too as seen by the popularity of Business Bash – the College’s student organization fair. View Fall 2014 Business Bash album.

6) Buzzfeed: Top 10 Ways You Know You’re a Business Gator

UF Warrington’s “Top 10 Ways You Know You’re a Business Gator” was a splash on Buzzfeed. Thousands viewed this quirky list of tell-all signs, including “you used an entire notebook just for Business Finance practice problems.”

7-8) Rankings

Business Gators were excited when U.S. News and Bloomberg Businessweek confirmed what they already know: The Heavener School of Business is among the top 20 undergraduate programs in the nation. View U.S. News post and view Bloomberg post.

9) Top Business Books

Thousands of Business Gators checked out our nifty list of the top 11 business books recommended by Warrington faculty for summer reading. Some even made their own must-read suggestions—and it’s not too late to add your two cents.

10) Spring in Gainesville

“Gainesville’s second day of spring. Level: Expert.” Check out this perfect captured moment of spring outside of Bryan Hall. Who doesn’t love springtime weather in Gainesville? Nobody we know.