Instant Connection

Here’s a familiar scenario for many of our Warrington alumni...

You’re out of town for a conference. You have some down time, and would like to network with some local #BusinessGators over lunch or a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, you have no idea how to contact them.

That will soon change. The College is implementing a new social platform called EverTrue, a mobile application that will display Warrington alumni members in a user’s immediate area. Plans are for EverTrue to be available to Warrington alumni later this fall.

“It’s becoming very apparent that our alumni want to connect with each other directly,” said Rebecca Lakkis, the College’s Associate Director of Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving.

The app’s map feature will provide Warrington alumni a glimpse of where their fellow alumni work in a specified, geographic area. Additionally, the app will display career information about those alumni from their LinkedIn accounts, allowing users to run customized searches. So if you’re in Boston, and would like to network with finance alums who earned their degrees in the past 10 years, EverTrue can provide you that particular list in a matter of seconds.

“It’s very simple to use,” Lakkis said. “It’s an app you download like Facebook or LinkedIn. It’s a social platform, but specific to Warrington alumni.”

EverTrue is an opt-out system meaning all Warrington alumni’s professional information will be accessible when the app goes live. Alumni can utilize the app’s privacy settings to limit the amount of information available or choose to not be included entirely.

More than 250 organizations, including higher education institutions like Brown University, Northeastern University and the University of Central Florida, use EverTrue.

“We’re listening to our alumni,” Lakkis said. “They want a tool that will help Warrington alumni make more meaningful connections, and EverTrue is a great way to facilitate this.”