A summer internship to remember

The right internship can become the foundation for an amazing business career. It seems our undergraduates at the Heavener School of Business are well on their way to business success considering how much they learned during their summer internships at some of the world's most elite companies.

They also had some fun too, taking the time to enter the College's #BusinessGator Internship Photo Contest. Learn about three of these talented undergrads who all interned at corporations ranked in Fortune's Global 500.

Jasmin Tahirovic, Boeing, Seattle

Growing up, I wanted to be a pilot.

I've always had an interest in aerospace, and I was fortunate to get the opportunity to work for one of the world's leading aerospace and defense companies this summer. I'm interning with a finance group in Airplane Development Estimating & Pricing at Boeing. I work closely with engineers to support airplane profitability efforts by estimating costs for engineering revisions in the design of Boeing's newest and most modern jetliners.

My “office” is Boeing's factory in Everett, Wash., which is the world's largest building by volume. It can house 75 NFL football fields! You never realize the utter size and complexity of the product itself until you find yourself standing underneath a 747 Jumbo Jet in its manufacturing environment!

One of my favorite things about Boeing is the sheer level of knowledge that its employees have. I work with people who hold Ph.D. degrees in various engineering fields, and MBAs from some of the most highly-ranked business school in the world. I've been honored to learn from these individuals who have given me remarkable insight on preparing for my future career.

It's been truly astounding to work for a company that builds such a large, multifaceted product that connects people globally and shrinks our perceptions of the distances that separate us.

Leyla Chong, Siemens, Orlando

This summer I had the remarkable opportunity to intern with Siemens Energy's Wind Energy sector.

This internship really captured my attention because I had the opportunity to work towards something meaningful: Providing the globe with clean, renewable energy. The wind turbine industry is growing rapidly. More than 100 countries are utilizing wind energy, and I am delighted to have worked within such an innovative field.

My experience thus far has been incredible. I have been getting hands-on experience working with my team on various marketing processes, customer negotiations, sales presentations and internal meetings. I even spent a week at the Siemens Training Center, where we simulated climbs on wind turbines (the average height of a turbine is 300 feet). The "mini towers" we climbed with our gear were only a few stories high, but that was enough for me!

All in all, my experience at Siemens has been very enlightening, and I am so grateful to have been able to transform my education into experiences at a leading global company.

Javier Tirado-Montero, Cisco Systems, San Jose, Calif.

The reason I chose to be a Cisco Worldwide Sales Intern was to gain hands-on experience in the technology industry right in the heart of Silicon Valley!

Based in San Jose, California, the nine-week internship program forces you to act like a sales representative by working on account research to present to account managers. Furthermore, the opportunities to network here are endless, and I have been able to speak with several senior and C-level executives, including CEO John Chambers!

Some of the most important skills I have been able to develop are my communication and analytical skills. With accounts such as Boeing, NetApp and Restoration Hardware, the challenge to find new business insights to present to the account teams has not been easy. But, by working with my peers and utilizing the education I've received at Warrington, I was able to succeed every single week, and come out as one of the top performing interns in the program.

Although I will miss California, I will have to say the most memorable moment of the internship was being able to speak to Mr. Chambers and take a picture with him. My hope is by being the first UF student to participate in Cisco's Worldwide Sales Internship Program, I have set the precedent for future Gators to come here and show Silicon Valley what The Gator Nation has to offer!