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By taking chances and following their dreams, Warrington alumni Kim Kaupe, Bridget Stomberg and Steven DeRose received one of UF’s most notable honors.

Running Down a Dream

What was supposed to be a training regimen for a marathon took on a life of its own, and Brian Baleno (MBA ’08) chronicled each and every challenging step in his new book.

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A Pitch with a Purpose

When dared to confront one of the world’s most difficult challenges, three engineering students responded with a “Big Idea” worth $25,000.

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Can sadness prevent indulgence?

Dr. Chris Janiszewski discovered that feelings of sadness can deter people from engaging in indulgent behavior.

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  • Jeff Roman (MBA ’12)
  • Mike Schuette (MBA ’11)
  • Daniel Blumberg (BSBA ’97)
  • Michael L. Kohner (BSAc ’84, MAcc ’86)
  • Alberto Macia (BSBA ’80, JD ’83)
  • Wayne “Skipp” Fraser (BSBA ’62)

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