Majors & Minors

Advisors in the Heavener School of Business can assist students with major changes, adding a minor, or declaring an area of specialization.

Change Your Major

To change from one business major to another, or from a non-business major to a business major, speak with a Heavener advisor in 333 Heavener Hall. Eligibility requirements for changing majors are outlined below.

For general information on selecting your major at the University of Florida, please review UF's Advising page on choosing a major.

Changing From a Non-business Major to a Business Major

In general, you may change to a business major if you meet the following criteria:

  • 3.0 or better UF GPA with no tracking courses completed
  • 2.0 or better UF GPA AND a 3.0 or better tracking GPA
  • You will not exceed the maximum 130 credit hours allowed for the degree (excluding AP/IB/AICE/Dual Enrollment credit)

Transfer students who are admitted to UF as non-business majors are not eligible to change their major to business.

Changing From One Business Major to Another

Generally, you may change from one business major to another if you are on track and have not completed more than half of your business major courses.

Transfer students admitted to the UF General Studies major starting Fall 2014, are not eligible to change their major to another business major. There will be no exceptions to this policy.

Changing From Business to a Non-business Major

To change from a business major to a non-business major, contact an advisor in the appropriate college. If you are changing your major, but are still interested in pursuing a degree that is related to business, review the Other Business Related Majors to Consider handout. And remember, as a non-business major, you are eligible to pursue a minor in business administration or entrepreneurship.

Earn a Minor or Certificate

Earning a minor or certificate demonstrates that you have completed a significant body of work outside your major. In addition, a minor or certificate allows you to explore personal interests, satisfy your intellectual curiosity, and differentiate your program of study from those of your fellow students.

Guidelines for Earning a Minor

UF offers a wide array of minors and certificate programs. You can begin taking courses for your minor as early as your first semester, but you must complete 45 credit hours before applying for a minor. Business students who want to declare a minor should speak with a Heavener advisor in 333 Heavener Hall.

Frequently Asked Questions


The general studies major is a Bachelor of Arts degree and the other business majors are Bachelor of Science degrees. Is that important?

No. There is no significant difference between a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science degree. One degree will not look better than the other on your resume.

Minor and Certificates

What is the difference between a minor and a certificate?

Minors and certificates are very similar in that they allow you to broaden your knowledge of a particular subject. They are different in that a minor will be listed on your transcript when you graduate, but a certificate will not. This should not inhibit you from pursuing a certificate. Certificates are very beneficial because they oftentimes require a related internship. The Warrington College of Business Administration offers two certificates; retailing leadership which is available to all UF majors, and leadership development which is available for all Heavener School of Business and Fisher School of Accounting students.

Where can I find a list of minors and certificates offered at UF?

A complete list of minors and certificates and their requirements can be found in the UF Undergraduate Catalog.

How important is it to earn a minor or certificate?

It's not imperative that you earn a minor or certificate. Your primary goal should be to take courses that interest you and that will help you develop career knowledge/skills. Minors and certificates are beneficial in that they focus your required elective courses on a specific topic.

When can I start working on my minor or certificate?

You can begin minor or certificate course work in your first semester. It's ideal to decide on a minor or certificate early on in your college career so that you have time to finish it.

Can I earn more than one minor or certificate?

Yes. There is no limit on the number of minors you can earn; however, you must complete all of your minor and bachelor's degree requirements in eight to nine semesters (excluding summers).

When can I apply for a minor and how do I go about doing that?

You can apply for your minor once you earn 45 credits (including AP/IB/Dual enrollment/AICE course work). To apply for a minor, speak with an advisor in 333 Heavener Hall. To apply for the entrepreneurship minor, you must first complete ACG 2021C and ENT 3003 with a grade of B or better. To apply for the real estate minor, you must first complete REE 3043 with a grade of B or better.

Can I take my minor and certificate courses at another institution?

Lower division courses that are required for the business administration, entrepreneurship, and real estate minors and the retailing certificate can be taken at another institution that offers an equivalent course; however, all 3000-4000 level minor courses must be taken at UF or via a study abroad program that is pre-approved by the Heavener School of Business. Students who are pursuing a minor in other UF colleges should consult with an advisor in that college. REMINDER: Business majors who are taking their last 30 credit hours cannot take courses at another institution except via a pre-approved study abroad program.

I noticed the requirements for the business administration minor have changed. Which requirements do I have to complete?

Requirements for the business administration minor are based on catalog year. If you started UF prior to Summer B 2009, you will not be held to the new requirements. If you started UF Summer B 2009 or later, you must complete the new requirements.

Can I take the 3000-4000 level courses that are required for the business administration minor while I'm away from Gainesville?

The Heavener School of Business offers FIN 3403, MAN 3025, and MAR 3023 via a distance learning option every semester. With this option, you can watch the course lectures online and test at a local test site.


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