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The Singapore Management University was founded in 2000. The campus, currently located outside the capital city in a fully refurbished facility in the heart of Singapore's civic, cultural and business districts, offers state of the art technology, libraries and classroom facilities. SMU is modeled after the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, and its curriculum aims to groom outstanding business leaders and creative entrepreneurs capable of excelling in a rapidly changing and dynamic world. With exchange students from 47 institutions internationally, students will find themselves in a very diverse population and will have the advantage of a truly global experience.

The City

Lying almost on the equator, Singapore is a prosperous city-state that has overcome its lack of natural resources to become one of the powerhouse economies of Asia. In less than 200 years, Singapore has been transformed from a swampy island into a modern industrial nation. Modern Singapore is a city of concrete, glass, freeways and shopping centers. In the crowded streets of Chinatown, fortune-tellers, calligraphers and temple worshippers are still a part of everyday life. In Little India, you can buy the best sari material, freshly ground spices, or a picture of your favorite Hindu god. In the small shops of Arab Street, the cry of the muezzin can be heard from the nearby Sultan Mosque.

Student Life

SMU has over 60 student organizations in which full-time and visiting students can participate. Additionally, there is a sports complex near the main campus at Bukit Timah Road offering indoor sports such as volleyball, basketball, and squash, and outdoor sports such as soccer, tennis and swimming. More adventurous students may also take classes in diving, rock climbing, triathlon, and many others.

Term Dates

Fall: August - December
Spring: January - April

Language of Instruction


Courses Available

Use our course equivalency database to see which courses available at SMU would apply to your UF degree!

Other business courses may be submitted for UF equivalency. Please see an academic advisor for information pertaining to requesting additional equivalencies.

Grade Conversion
points from
points to
3.8 4.3 A
3.4 3.7 A-
3.1 3.3 B+
2.8 3.0 B
2.4 2.7 B-
2.1 2.3 C+
1.8 2.0 C
1.4 1.7 C-
1.1 1.3 D+
1.0 1.0 D
0 0.9 E
Credit Conversion
SMU credit UF credit
½ credit
(18 contact hours over 6 weeks)
3 UF credits
(18/6 = 3)
1 credit
(39 contact hours over 15 weeks)
3 UF credits
(39/15 = 2.6)

Credit conversion is on a course-by-course basis - NOT the sum of credits earned.

Typical course load at SMU is four full credit courses per semester.

Estimated Expenses
Rough Expense Comparison Semester at UF Semester at SMU
UF Tuition $3,085 $3,085
UFIC Admin. Fee --- $250
Health Insurance $730 $890
Airfare --- $2,100
Housing $2,620 $2,500
Internet/cable $455 Included
Food $2,065 $1,800
Books $540 $500
Transportation $270 $300
Visa --- $20
Total $9,765 $11,445


As there is no on-campus housing at SMU, the Office of Student Life will assist exchange students in locating appropriate off-campus accommodations. The OSL is continuously working to identify additional housing options for SMU students.


Singapore Dollar (SGD).

Travel Opportunities

Singapore is a thriving commercial center in Asia and offers visitors many exciting cultural and entertainment options. A trip to the world-renowned Singapore Zoological Gardens is a good way to spend an afternoon. For a long weekend, the isles of Singapore offer quiet, beautiful beaches and world-class resorts just minutes, by ferry, from the busy capital city. To gain a better sense of the history of the city, take advantage of the sights and sounds in Singapore's ethnic quarters, Little India, Chinatown, and Kampong Glam (the Arab/Muslim Quarter). For a more relaxed afternoon of fun, check out the local theme parks, like Volcano Land, or experience winter all year long in Snow City, an indoor "snow center" allowing visitors to ski or snowboard any time of the year.


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Contacts Abroad

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