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Maastricht, The Netherlands

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Founded in 1975, Universiteit Maastricht is the youngest university in The Netherlands. With 12,000 students currently enrolled, it is also one of the fastest growing. UM is unique in that they incorporate a Problem Based Learning (PBL) system into their curriculum, which is an innovative approach to teaching. With this system, students work together in groups to analyze, discuss, and create solutions for real-life problems. Twenty percent of the student population at UM is foreign, which allows for an open-minded, international learning environment. Maastricht is the oldest city in The Netherlands and hosts a wide variety of culture and languages. Although the official language of The Netherlands is Dutch, there are several languages spoken in the city, and many of the classes at UM are taught in English. While Maastricht has embraced modern development, the city still holds on to its historic and fascinating past.

Please note: students are not accepted into the program until they submit their application and deposit to the UF International Center. You can start your online application today!

The City

Maastricht is a beautiful city located on a finger of land that reaches down between Belgium and Germany. The city has much to offer, as it is the oldest city in The Netherlands. The historic roots are evident in the architecture of the buildings as well as the culture of the people. Due to its central location, Maastricht has been an established center for trade, industry, communication, and education in Europe. While the city embraces international influence, it has maintained an authentic atmosphere where students can experience the true Dutch culture.

Student Life

The student population in Maastricht represents approximately 10 percent of the city's population. Because of this, there are many recreational and social activities for students to get involved in. Students can pass their free time touring the many museums and historic monuments, or may relax in one of the many restaurants, outdoor cafes, or bars. There is no central campus for UM, so classes are held in the historic buildings in the heart of the city. There are a variety of sports and culture clubs for students to join, and there is an extensive library offering the resources needed for academic success.

Term Dates

  • Fall Semester: Late August to late December
  • Spring Semester: Late January to early June

Language of Instruction

The official language of the university is English. All courses are taught in English.

Courses Available

MU offers a wide variety of business courses for students to choose from. Use our course equivalency database to find out which courses at MU can apply to your UF degree. Please see an academic advisor for information pertaining to requesting additional equivalencies.

Grade Conversion
points from
points to
7.5 10 A
7.3 7.4 B+
6.5 7.2 B
6.3 6.4 C+
5.5 6.2 C
5.3 5.4 D+
4.5 5.2 D
0 4.4 E
Credit Conversion
UM credit UF credit
2 ECTS credits 1 UF credits
(2 X .6 = 1.2)
5 ECTS credits 3 UF credits
(5 X .6 = 3)
7 ECTS credits 4 UF credits
(7 X .6 = 4.2)

ECTS X .6 = UF credit (rounded)

Credit conversion is on a course-by-course basis - NOT the sum of credits earned.

Estimated Expenses
Rough Expense Comparison Semester at UF Semester at MU
UF Tuition $3,155 $3,155
UFIC Admin. Fee --- $300
International Health Insurance --- $160
Airfare --- $1,500
Housing/Utilities $2,710 $3,500
Internet/cable $630 Included
Food $2,115 $1,600
Books $650 $250
Transportation $550 $100
Visa --- $400
Total $9,810 $10,965

Complete this budget worksheet to compare multiple program costs.


International exchange students are strongly encouraged to live in the UM Guesthouse, which is designed for international students. Space is not guaranteed and placements are determined on a first-come, first-served basis. The Guesthouse has Internet connections and TV in the rooms. Students can select a smoking or non-smoking room and can request what type of roommate they want.


Travel Opportunities

There are many travel opportunities available for students living in Maastricht. The city is located on a small finger of land nestled between Belgium and Germany, making these countries highly accessible for students wishing to explore other areas. Cities like Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels, Frankfurt, and Bonn are all within easy reach. The southern region of The Netherlands allows for interesting excursions as well, such as scenic hillsides, vineyards, and caves.

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Contacts Abroad

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