University of Southern Denmark

Esbjerg or Sønderborg, Denmark

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The University of Southern Denmark was established as a result of a merger in 1998 and is a research and educational institution with an international outlook. There are currently over 15,000 students enrolled with the university, making it the third largest university in Denmark. The university is located on four campuses in different cities throughout Denmark, three of which offer international programs in English. Each campus has distinct research and educational profiles. Internationalization has always been a priority for University of Southern Denmark as they have established exchange agreements with over 300 institutions worldwide. Other goals of the university include: creating and sharing new knowledge, supporting teaching, and providing industry with new tools and processes.

Please note: students are not accepted into the program until they submit their application and deposit to the UF International Center. You can start your online application today!

The City

Most business exchange students will find themselves on one of the campuses in either Sonderborg or Esbjerg. The city of Esbjerg is a fairly young city established in the 19th century and is continually undergoing tremendous development. There are many activities available including cultural, sporting, and leisure activities. The city hosts live music in many of the cafes and pubs. Attractions just outside the city include white sand beaches and the island of Fanos, located just off the coast. For more information on the city visit the Visit Esbjerg website. The city of Sonderborg, only half and hour from the German border, offers a lively environment for students. The city center has a active pedestrian area, and many small attractive shops and bars. Just outside the city, there are woods and great beaches that offer opportunity for many recreational activities.

Student Life

University of Southern Denmark offers two undergraduate business programs designed for international exchange students. The International Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and the Undergraduate Business Exchange Program have attracted international students from all over the world. The teaching methods at University of Southern Denmark require students to take initiative with their coursework. There are many recreational activities for students to enjoy during their free time such as hiking through the surrounding woods, touring shops and museums, or lounging at one of the cafes or pubs.

Term Dates

Fall semester: early September - late December
Spring semester: early February - late June

Language of Instruction

Many business courses are taught in English.

Grade Conversion
points from
points to
12 12 A
10 11 B+
8 9 B
6 7 C+
5 5 C
4 4 D+
3 3 D
0 2 E
Credit Conversion
USD credit UF credit
2 ECTS credits 1 UF credits
(2 X .6 = 1.2)
3 ECTS credits 2 UF credits
(3 X .6 = 1.8)
4 ECTS credits 2 UF credits
(4 X .6 = 2.4)
5 ECTS credits 3 UF credits
(5 X .6 = 3)
8 ECTS credits 5 UF credits
(8 X .6 = 4.8)
14 ECTS credits 8 UF credits
(14 X .6 = 8.4)

ECTS X .6 = UF credit (rounded)

Credit conversion is on a course-by-course basis - NOT the sum of credits earned.

Courses may post with foreign credits and ECTS credits. UF conversion is based on ECTS credits.

Courses Available

Use our course equivalency database to see which courses available at USD would apply toward your UF degree! Other business courses may be submitted for UF equivalency. Please see an academic advisor for information pertaining to requesting additional equivalencies.

Estimated Expenses
Rough Expense Comparison Semester at UF Semester at USD
UF Tuition $3,085 $3,085
UFIC Admin. Fee --- $250
Health Insurance $730 $890
Airfare --- $1,500
Housing $2,620 $2,000
Internet/cable $455 $350
Food $2,065 $1,400
Books $540 $400
Transportation $270 $175
Visa --- $300
Total $9,765 $10,350


Housing is guaranteed for exchange students either in one of the student residence halls or in private rooms. Students should note that they will only receive one accommodation offer from University of Southern Denmark, and will be responsible for finding their own housing if they turn it down. All rooms come fully furnished and are equipped with kitchenware.


Danish Krone (DKK).

Travel Opportunities

Denmark is a small country, making travel throughout the country highly accessible. Germany hugs the southern border of Denmark and is easily reached by train in a short amount of time. Please refer to Denmark's Official Website for additional general information.


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