International Programs Student Ambassadors

The Heavener School of Business International Programs Student Ambassadors (IPSA) are undergraduates who have studied abroad and now wish to inform, encourage, and inspire their peers to have their own exciting and memorable experience abroad. These students volunteer to assist the International Programs staff to educate and facilitate students to study abroad.

The ambassadors perform a range of advising and promotional activities, such as:

  • Guide students as they research study abroad options
  • Present study abroad information and share their experiences abroad with other students
  • Conduct information sessions for prospective study abroad participants
  • Assist with international education fairs, pre-departure orientations, and other events
  • Participate by giving presentations in Warrington Welcome classes, in residence halls and at student organizations
  • We encourage students to email an ambassador if they have questions or seek advise about study abroad.

The 2014-15 International Programs Student Ambassadors

  • Caten Arce
    UF in London (Summer 2013)
    Email (carce15 at

  • Nicholas Baker
    UF in Madrid (Summer 2013)
    Email (nicholas.baker11 at

  • Andrea Bonnin-Marquez
    UF in Paris & UF in Osnabruck, Germany (Spring 2012 & Summer A 2012)
    Email (abonnin91 at

  • Sophie Bray
    UF in Paris (Summer 2013)
    Email (sophhbray at

  • Aubrey Breneman
    UF in Madrid (Summer 2013)
    Email (aubrey111888 at

  • Danielle Buchheister
    Exch: WU Vienna, Austria (Spring 2013)
    Email (dani.buchheister at

  • Jasmine Disgdiertt
    UF in Paris (Spring 2013)
    Email (jkdisgdiertt at

  • Annette Ferrer
    UF in Rome (Summer 2013)
    Email (amferrer at

  • Emily Frick
    UF in Madrid (Summer 2013)
    Email (efrick at

  • Kelsey Grabach
    UF in Madrid (Summer 2013)
    Email (edu4kelsey at

  • Emil Gregor
    UF in London (Spring 2013)
    Email (emilgregor at

  • Pasha Hajian
    UF in London (Fall 2013),
    Email (pashahajian123 at

  • Eric Hedberg
    UF in Madrid (Summer 2012)
    Email (ehedberg at

  • Kaylee Kohfeldt
    UF in Madrid (Fall 2013)
    Email (kkohfeldt at

  • Carol Movschowitz
    Exchange: ESADE Barcelona (Fall 2012)
    Email (carolwitz at

  • Blake Myer
    UF in London (Spring 2014)
    Email (blakemyer at

  • Mikayla Paisley
    UF in London (Summer 2013)
    Email (mikayladawn21 at

  • Anuja Parikh
    Exch: Grenoble, France (Spring 2013)
    Email (aparikh12 at

  • Kevin Prival
    UF in Madrid (Spring 2013)
    Email (kprival at

  • Danna Regnier
    UF in London (Fall 2012)
    Exchange: Sun Yat-Sen, China (Fall 2013)
    Email (danqing at

  • John Riccardi
    UF in Rome (Spring 2013)
    Email (johnriccardi at

  • Melissa Rodriguez
    UF in Rome (Spring 2014)
    Email (mrodriguez13 at

  • Vincent Stanfa
    UF in Rome (Fall 2013)
    Email (vstanfa at

  • Shanessa Stewart
    Exch: Manchester, UK (Spring 2013)
    Email (sstewart5 at

  • Mark Supinski
    Exch: Grenoble, France (Fall 2013)
    Email (masupinski at

  • Emily Swetlik
    UF in Paris (Fall 2013)
    Email (eswe1993 at

  • Meghan Tobin
    UF in Paris (Fall 2013)
    Email (mghntbn at

  • Vania Villegas
    UF in Paris (Spring 2014)
    Email (villegas1213 at

  • Michelle Zarate
    UF in Rome (Spring 2013),
    UF in Beijing Commerce & Culture (Summer 2014)
    Email (michellezarate at

Interested in becoming an ambassador?

If you have studied abroad on any of the business sponsored programs (UF in London, UF in Madrid, UF in Paris or UF in Rome) or on one of the 30+ business exchange programs through Heavener, you are eligible to apply for the International Programs Student Ambassador (IPSA) program. Even though the focus is on the business programs, you do not have to be a business major or minor to serve as an ambassador.

The International Programs Student Ambassadors is a small group of study abroad participants who assist the International Programs staff in the promotion of the School's study abroad and exchange programs. The Student Ambassador program provides students with the opportunity to enhance individual skills in interpersonal communication, public relations, advertising, public speaking, and writing.

The application for the IPSA position is due along with a resume to 133 Bryan Hall at the start of each semester. Consider joining this exciting and vital student group and continue your international affiliations after returning to campus. For any questions or further details, email Lucy DiLeo (lucy.dileo at


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