Study Abroad in Spain!

Offered All Fall, Spring & Summer Terms

Take advantage of the unique opportunity to study and live in one of the world's most historic and culturally vibrant cities. The Warrington College of Business offers a semester-long study abroad program in Madrid, Spain that allows students to earn UF credit by taking online UF business courses, as well as courses focusing on Spanish business, language and culture. All University of Florida students are invited to participate in this program, as the credit earned will apply to the UF business degree, business minor, and general education requirements. Consideration will also be given to non-UF business students who are enrolled in an SUS (State University System) institution.

Please note: students are not accepted into the program until they submit their application and deposit to the UF International Center. You can start your online application today!

The City: Madrid

Madrid, the capital of Spain since 1561, is a cosmopolitan city with 4 million inhabitants. Well known for its hospitality and openness, it's easy to feel at home in Madrid. Its impressive cultural heritage combines the historic with the modern, and is evident in its museums and monuments, notably the Prado Museum and the Royal Palace. Madrid is one of the liveliest cities in Europe, combining cultural and leisure activities for all tastes.

The School: Universidad Nebrija

The program will be held on the campus of Universidad Nebrija. Universidad Nebrija is a private and independent university officially accredited by the Spanish Government. The University takes its name from the 15th century humanist who published the first grammar of the Spanish language in 1492. In keeping with the effort to expand Spanish language and culture and to promote understanding between people of many nations, Nebrija welcomes international students to the Madrid campus where they can experience modern Spain in a traditional university setting.

The Nebrija University Centro de Estudios Hispánicos has three decades of experience in the teaching of and research in Spanish as a foreign language. All instructors are native speakers and specialists in Spanish language, literature, history, politics, and art. They have accompanied hundreds of students in their efforts to learn or perfect their Spanish language while immersed in the academic and social life of a Spanish university.

Program Dates

Spring 2018

  • January 8: UF online classes begin
  • January 5-7: Students arrive in Madrid (apartments)
  • January 7: Students arrive in Madrid (homestays)
  • January 8: Universidad Nebrija orientation and welcome dinner
  • January 9-February 2: Intensive Spanish classes
  • February 5: OleSay internships begin
  • February 7: Universidad Nebrija courses begin
  • March 19: San José holiday
  • March 24-April 2: Nebrija semester break (Easter Holiday)
  • April 13: Last day to withdraw from UF EP courses
  • April 25: Last day of UF classes
  • April 27: OleSay internships end
  • April 28-May 4: UF final exams
  • May 1: Nebrija holiday (Labor Day)
  • May 2: Nebrija holiday (Madrid Day)
  • May 15: Nebrija holiday (San Isidro)
  • May 16 and 17: Nebrija final exams
  • May 18: Programs ends

Summer 2018

  • May 14: UF online classes begin
  • June 2 and 3: Students arrive in Madrid (homestay students arrive June 3)
  • June 4: Nebrija orientation / Placement tests / Welcome dinner
  • June 5: Spanish classes begin – Summer 1
  • June 29: Summer 1 ends
  • July 3: Spanish classes begin – Summer 2
  • July 27: Summer 2 ends
  • July 27: Last day to withdraw from UF EP courses
  • August 10: UF classes end
  • August 11: Program ends

Fall 2018

  • August 22: UF online classes begin
  • September 1-2: Students arrive in Madrid (homestay arrive September 2)
  • September 3: Universidad Nebrija orientation/ Placement tests / Welcome dinner
  • September 4: Intensive Spanish language classes begin
  • September 14: Intensive Spanish language classes end
  • September 19: Nebrija courses begin
  • November 19: Last day to drop a UF course
  • December 5: UF classes end
  • December 10-14: UF Final Exams
  • December 17-18: Nebrija Final Exams
  • December 19: Program ends

Program Objectives

  • To improve students' ability to speak, write, and understand Spanish while taking courses toward their UF business degree.
  • To deepen students' familiarity with everyday Spanish culture, in academic and informal contexts, discussing cultural differences.
  • To help students place European Business in the context of the Global Economy, through classroom instruction and discussion.

Program Eligibility

  • Students must have a minimum of a 2.5 UF GPA.
  • Students are required to enroll in at least one UF electronic platform business course (fall/spring semesters only).
  • Students must have a valid passport

Program Benefits

  • Program offered during fall, spring and summer semesters
  • Study alongside your UF peers and the students at Nebrija
  • Take UF courses while experiencing an exciting new culture!
  • Participate in program scheduled cultural activities and excursions
  • Ease of applying Bright Futures and Florida Prepaid to program costs

Program Structure

Earn 13 to 17 Credit Hours

Choose 1 or 2 Online UF Business Courses (4 or 8 UF credits):

  • MAN3025: Principles of Management
  • MAR3023: Principles of Marketing
  • BUL4310: Business Law
  • ENT3003: Principles of Entrepreneurship
  • GEB3373: International Business (fall and spring semesters ONLY)

MAN3025, MAR3023, GEB3373 and BUL4310 are required core business classes
MAN3025, MAR3023 fulfill Social Sciences Gen-Ed requirements
MAN3025, MAR3023, and BUL4310 fulfill business minor requirements
ENT3003 is required for the Entrepreneurship minor

Intensive Spanish Language and Culture Course
fall and spring semesters ONLY

Before the start of regular classes, students embark on a two or three-week intensive language course in accordance to their Spanish language skill level.

Fall and Spring Programs
2 or 3 Courses Taught at Nebrija

(6 or 9 transfer credits)
All students are required to take at least one Spanish language course according to their skill level. Language courses are taught at six different levels, from beginner to advanced. Courses taught in English are also available. Review the listing of the courses taught fall/spring.

Summer Program
3 Courses Taught at Nebrija

(9 transfer credits)
All students are required to take two Spanish language courses according to their skill level during semester 1 (June). Students may choose one additional course during semester 2 (July) from the Nebrija schedule. Review the listing of the courses taught summer.

OPTIONAL: Students may add one UF Online Business course (MAN3025, MAR3023, BUL4310, ENT3003).


OleSay will provide the necessary support, services and supervision to ensure that each student has the best available placement based on their interests and abilities. Applicants should have intermediate Spanish language proficiency, excellent interviewing skills and prior course work or experience in the field for which they are applying. Participants will be placed in a non-paying internship in greater Madrid or within a reasonable distance from the housing facilities – a travel card for use in Madrid during the internship period is included.

Students who select the internship option will be employed three months (February to April during the spring semester, and mid-September to mid-December during the fall semesters.) Students will earn two credits of GEB4941 and intern approximately 192 hours, or 2 days per week for 12 weeks.

Estimated Program Fee

  • Fall 2017 - four-month semester
    • Apartment cost: $10,290
    • Apartment cost w/ internship placement: $11,290
    • Homestay cost (some meals included): $11,990
    • Homestay cost (full-board): $12,790
  • Spring 2018 - five-month semester
    • Apartment cost: $11,025
    • Apartment cost w/ internship placement: $12,025
    • Homestay cost (half-board, some meals included): $12,525
    • Homestay cost (half-board) w/ internship placement: $13,550
    • Homestay cost (full-board): $13,250
    • Homestay cost (full-board) w/ internship placement: $14,250
  • Summer 2018 - 2-1/2 month semester
    • Apartment cost: $7,095
    • Apartment cost w/ internship placement: $8,095
    • Homestay cost (half-board): $8,155
    • Homestay cost (full-board): $8,655

Program cost includes tuition, orientation, housing, insurance, cultural activities/excursions, and metro and bus passes for the first month of your stay in Madrid.

UF Students may apply Florida Bright Futures (excluding summer semesters), Prepaid, and other financial aid to the program cost. Non-Florida residents pay the same program fee as Florida residents.


The currency in Spain is the Euro.

Other Estimated Expenses:

  • Meals*: $600 a month
  • Books and Supplies: $350
  • Airfare: $1200 (prices may vary)
  • *Entertainment/Leisure: $750 a month

*Expenses vary depending on student preferences.


The price of the program includes housing for the duration of your stay in Madrid. Students will be placed in shared apartments through Sal y Ven, a local firm that manages properties and provides services to international students. All leases include Wi-Fi and utilities. A refundable deposit of 350€ is required before students move in – this cash deposit is paid once students arrive in Madrid.


Home-stays are arranged by Universidad Nebrija. At their homes, students may choose between half and full room and board. Full room and board includes three meals per day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Half room and board includes two meals: breakfast and either lunch or dinner. Breakfast in Spain is quite light, with lunch being the main meal of the day.

Travel Opportunities

Madrid enjoys a privileged geographical location. Since it is in the middle of Spain you can travel almost anywhere in the country quickly and easily. Within an hour from Madrid you can ski in the mountains, and within three hours you can get to the beach.

  • Lisbon (10 hours by train)
  • Paris (overnight by train)
  • Salamanca, Toledo, Avila, Segovia, El Escorial (1 or 2 hours by bus)
  • Seville (2-1/2 hours by high speed train)
  • Barcelona (3 hours by high speed train)

Leisure and Cultural Activities

The Club Internacional is an association composed of Nebrija students, language teachers, and international students from all over the world. It promotes cultural exchange among students of varying nationalities. University of Florida students can participate in all activities organized by the Club: language exchange partners, cultural visits, evening events, workshops, sharing Spanish food (recipes, tapas), exhibitions, conferences, seminars, forums, Flamenco classes, etc.

Organized Activities for University of Florida Students

  • A welcome dinner: Students will enjoy a dinner to celebrate their arrival in Madrid. It is a wonderful opportunity for students and teachers to informally meet and learn about the program.
  • A walking tour through historic Madrid (Austrian and Bourbon quarters)
  • Visits to Museo del Prado, Museo Reina Sofía, Fabrica de Tapices, Senado y Congreso.
  • Guided one-day and overnight excursions in Spring and Fall programs, and three guided, one-day excursions in summer program (Segovia, Toledo, El Escorial o Salamanca).
  • A choice of two evening events: a Flamenco show, a play, a football game, or a concert.

Application Deadlines

  • Fall: May 1
  • Spring: October 1
  • Summer: March 1

Program applications are located on the UF International Center website. Students are not accepted into the program until they submit their application and deposit to the UF International Center. Please note that the program operates on a first-come-first-served basis and may reach full capacity prior to the application deadline.

Terms of Agreement

Students assume full responsibility for the cost of the program by the following dates:

  • Summer: April 1
  • Fall: July 1
  • Spring: November 1

Students on the participant list as of these dates become financially obligated. Only in extreme circumstances (e.g., serious personal injury, family emergency, etc.) will a student be allowed to petition to remove him/herself from the list of participants prior to the start of the program. Petitions will be reviewed by the Director of the School of Business.


To arrange an appointment with a Heavener Study Abroad Advisor, please call 352.273.0151 or visit 301 Heavener Hall.

Heavener School of Business
301 Heavener Hall, PO Box 117160
Gainesville, Florida, 32611-7160

You may also contact an International Programs Student Ambassador to learn more about study abroad from experienced peers.