International Exchange Students: Courses

All undergraduate exchange business students should plan on taking at least one of the Business Core courses. These courses are taught via "Electronic Platform" which allows students to attend the lectures and view lectures on the internet. Space is always available in these classes for exchange students. Learn more about electronic platform classes.

Exchange students from business partner schools have access to courses on the “Business Electives” list, but seats are not guaranteed in these courses. Some courses on this list are not offered every term, and others have limited availability. Please review the Schedule of Courses posted by the University of Florida Registrar, to view the offerings for a specific semester. Courses are organized by department (e.g., the course "Debt & Money Markets" is listed under Finance, Insurance & Real Estate). Although you will not be able to register yourself, you can inquire about the availability of seats in a given course by searching for spaces on ISIS. You can find directions for ISIS in the Exchange Student Guide.

Note: Exchange students from non-business partner schools may enroll in business electives at the start of the semester if space is available. Due to space restrictions, there may not be seats available in many of these classes.

Recommended Undergraduate Student Schedule:

  • 4 credits: Core course
  • 4 credits: Business Elective #1
  • 4 credits: Business Elective #2
  • 3 credits: Elective taught by other UF colleges

Total = Minimum 12 / Maximum 18

Selecting Courses

  1. Identify which business courses interest you by searching through the list below and viewing the sample syllabi. Additional syllabi can be found on the Course Syllabi page.
  2. Determine which courses are available for a specific semester by referring to the UF Schedule of Courses. This is the complete listing of all UF courses offered each semester.
  3. Send your course selections to the Warrington College of Business Administration by using our Online Course Request form.
  4. Make sure that you clear all holds as quickly as possible. You cannot be registered for courses until all holds are cleared:
    1. Immunization hold
    2. Insurance hold
    3. Emergency Contact Hold (See Pre-departure Guide)
    4. Registration Prep Hold (See Pre-departure Guide)
Business Core Classes
Course # Title Prerequisites Credits
BUL4310* Legal Environment of Business None 4
FIN3403* Business Finance Financial Accounting 4
ENT3003* Principles of Entrepreneurship Microeconomics 4
GEB3373* International Business Business Finance, Marketing, Management 4
MAN3025* Principles of Management None 4
MAR3023* Principles of Marketing Microeconomics 4
QMB3250* Statistics for Business Decisions Statistics 4

*Course offered every Fall and Spring term.
**Note: Students may take two or more core courses instead of business elective courses.

Business Electives
Course # Title Prerequisites Credits
Economics - Limited seats in Economic Electives
ECO2013* Principles of Macroeconomics (E-Platform) None 4
ECO2023* Principles of Microeconomics (E-Platform) None 4
ECO3101 Intermediate Microeconomics 2 economics courses 4
ECO3203 Intermediate Macroeconomics 2 economics courses 4
ECO3704 International Trade 2 economics courses 4
ECO4400 Game Theory & Application 2 economics courses 4
ECO4504 Public Economics 2 economics courses 4
ECO4730 Firm and the Global Economy 2 economics courses 4
ECP3006 Economics of Sport 2 economics courses 4
ECP3113 Population Economics 2 economics courses 4
ECP3203 Labor Economics 2 economics courses 4
ECP3530 Health Care Economics 2 economics courses 4
ECS4013 Economic Development of Latin America 2 economics courses 4
Finance, Real Estate and Risk Management
ENT4934 International Entrepreneurship None 2
FIN4243* Debt and Money Markets 1 finance course 4
FIN4414 Financial Management 2 finance courses 4
FIN4504* Equity and Capital Markets 1 finance course 4
FIN4934 Venture Capital 1 finance course 4
REE3043 Real Estate Analysis Financial accounting 4
REE4303 Real Estate Investment Decision Making Real Estate Analysis 4
BUL4443 Ethics None 2
MAN3240* Organizations: Structure & Behavior 1 management course 4
MAN4301* Human Resource Management 1 management course 4
MAN4723* Strategic Management 1 management course 4
MAN4930 Leadership 1 Management course 2
MAR2290 Retail Seminar None 1
MAR3231 Retailing 1 marketing course 4
MAR3503* Consumer Behavior 1 marketing course 4
MAR4403 Sales Management 1 marketing course 4
MAR4613 Marketing Research 2 marketing & 2 statistics courses 4
MAR4803* Marketing Management 2 marketing courses 4

*Course offered every Fall and Spring term.


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