Dual Degrees


If you want to earn a second bachelor's degree, or dual degree, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Have earned at least 45 credit hours but not yet earned 96 credit hours (excluding AP/IB/AICE/Dual Enrollment credit);
  • Meet all business Universal Tracking requirements prior to application; and
  • Be in good academic standing with the University and College.

As a dual major, you must complete course work for both degrees simultaneously. Do not apply for graduation until you have completed the requirements for both degrees. You are also expected to follow your approved plan of study, to graduate in the semester that is designated on the dual degree application, and to submit a new application if you want to change one of your majors.


Because of the similarity between degree programs, you cannot obtain a dual degree in two business majors, or a business major and LS-Economics.

If you intend to pursue a second major in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS), please review the CLAS Dual Degree Guidelines.

NOTE: Students who are interested in earning a dual degree should consider pursuing a combined bachelor's/master's degree as an alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I earn two bachelor's degrees?

Yes, but both degrees must be earned simultaneously; meaning you must complete the requirements for both degrees in the same semester.

Note: Students are not allowed to earn a business degree and an economics degree from the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences because the requirements for these degrees are too similar to merit the awarding of a second bachelor's degree.

Students may select another major outside of the School of Business provided that the student meets each college's requirements, as they may vary.

How soon can I apply for a dual degree?

You can start taking courses for your dual degree as early as your first semester, but you cannot apply for a dual degree until you a) earn 45 credits (including AP, IB, and dual enrollment) and b) successfully complete all of your business and second major tracking requirements. You should apply for a dual degree before earning 96 credit hours. You will be expected to work on both degrees simultaneously; in other words, you cannot finish one degree and then start a second degree. And, as a rule, you must complete the requirements for both degrees in the same semester.


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