Warrington Welcome Peer Leaders

As a Peer Leader you will serve a vital function as co-instructor for the Warrington Welcome course. You will assist students by serving as a peer advisor, role model, and a representative of the Warrington College of Business. While serving your fellow students, you will gain skills highly valued by employers and graduate schools.

Apply to Become a Peer Leader

We are recruiting Peer Leaders to begin teaching Summer B 2018. Selected Peer Leaders must complete two courses during Spring 2018: the Peer Leader Training Course on Mondays Periods 3-4 (9:35am-11:30am).

Application process

Meet the Peer Leaders

  1. Kristiana Caine
  2. Paola Charco
  3. Harleen Chawla
  4. Brendan Clough
  5. Suzy Dabage
  6. Mary Driscoll
  7. Abby Fielding
  8. Gabby Giordano
  9. Sabrina Gonzalez Reyes
  10. Kristina Hargrave
  11. Mark Hegedus
  12. Madi Kennedy
  13. Meijia Li
  14. Lauren Lindsay
  15. John McDermott
  16. Crystal McDuffy
  17. Erica Mecke
  18. Becca Ngo
  19. Diem Nguyen
  20. Mike O’Brien
  21. Eric Quinn
  22. Thalia Rey
  23. Madison Ross
  24. Arley Ruskin
  25. Shea Scarlett
  26. Justin Schlakman
  27. Sarah Sherr
  28. Gabriella Tedesco
  29. Amber Van Den Heuvel
  30. Sam Woods
  31. Lauren Youngson
  32. Nick Zivkovic
  33. Paige Zyserman

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