Warrington Welcome Council

Council Positions

  • Chair of the Council

    Mark Hegedus

    I enjoy Warrington Welcome for so many reasons! Having the opportunity to welcome new students to the University of Florida during a huge transition point in their lives is very rewarding to me, and giving back as a mentor to other students after learning so much from my mentors has been such a worthwhile experience for me. I highly recommend other students to take advantage of this unique role during their time in the business school!
  • Director of Recruitment

    Mike O’Brien

    Warrington Welcome has been one of my greatest and most rewarding experiences in college thus far. The opportunity to network with like-minded Peer Leaders, staff members, as well as first-year students provides great insight into the overall student experience as a business student at UF and opportunities for personal and professional development. The combination of personal growth and the ability to make a difference in the lives of first-year students and impact their UF experience makes Warrington Welcome one of the most unique and valuable organizations on campus.
  • Director of Engagement

    Kristiana Caine

    The Warrington Welcome experience has made a huge impact on me since I was a freshman at the University of Florida. It didn’t just teach me about resumes or personal branding, Warrington Welcome taught me the meaning of community. In and outside of the classroom, Warrington Welcome students, Peer Leaders, and Staff Instructors create a supportive and encouraging environment to make a large university feel smaller. Without WW, I would not have had the resources or mentors to be the leader I am today. Now, I am able to give back to WW which is a rewarding experience like no other.
  • Director of Marketing

    Paige Zyserman

    During my first semester, I was overwhelmed by the amount of opportunities that were at my fingertips. As an eager freshman, my Peer Leader was able to guide me and hone in on the things that I was truly passionate about. She will never know how helpful she was and I wanted to mentor students exactly like she did for me and my peers. As I teach for the second time, I have to say that I really like teaching my students, but I love learning about each and every one of their personalities that contributes so much to the Warrington College of Business.
  • Director of Training

    Amber Van Den Heuvel

    I became a Peer Leader to have an impact on the future leaders of the Warrington College of Business, but I've found that it has impacted me as well. This is an extensive network of peers and friends and an opportunity to help kids reach their potential. Being a Peer Leader has affirmed to me that I am at the right school, on the right career path, and with the right group of people who will help me grow even more.
  • Director of Professional Development

    Lauren Youngson

    I love being a Peer Leader because I get to introduce the next group of student leaders to all the amazing opportunities the business school has to offer. Not only can I answer any questions they have about deciding on a major or what organizations they want to join, I also get to help them through the difficult transition to college. It is so rewarding to receive that email from a student that says you truly helped them decide what they are going to do for the next four years and that you made it all just a little bit easier. I know I would be no where without my Warrington Welcome Peer Leader and Staff Instructor, so being on the other side is such a rewarding experience that I will never forget.


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