Warrington Welcome Council

Council Positions

  • Chair of the Council

    Mark Supinski

    Being involved in Warrington Welcome and especially being a peer leader has allowed me to network throughout the business school while providing a meaningful impact on campus. Warrington Welcome Council and Warrington Welcome Peer Leading was not just a bullet on my resume but an opportunity to leave a lasting positive impact on the college as a whole. There is no greater service opportunity at the Heavener School of Business as being a part of the Warrington Welcome team and I know the skills I gained here will be used throughout my time after graduation.
  • Director of Recruitment

    Javier Tirado

    As a Warrington Welcome Peer Leader, every week I get to impact the lives of the future generation of Business Gators. The feeling of giving back to the course which has laid the groundwork for my success has been unmatched. I am always inspired by how my students continue to use the lessons I have taught them long after the course has ended. Just as how some of the college’s top leaders have given back, being a Warrington Welcome Peer Leader has allowed me to develop my skills while mentoring others just as my mentors have done for me.
  • Director of Engagement

    Danielle Karnbach

    Selection as a Warrington Welcome Peer Leader during freshman year was my first college involvement experience, and it opened up great opportunities while launching me into newfound confidence. Every teaching semester has proved to be profoundly impactful. While serving as a Peer Leader has allowed me to help new business school students in their college transition, I have simultaneously learned so much from each of my students. I am beyond grateful for all that Warrington Welcome has provided, from initially taking the class almost three years ago to teaching for my fourth and final time this upcoming fall.
  • Director of Marketing

    Nina Doyle

    Warrington Welcome helped put my college experience on the right track. Through Warrington Welcome, I met amazing students who are now leaders in prestigious organizations. I also met my mentor who has supported me throughout my college career. This class is extremely valuable to incoming students as it opens your eyes to opportunities and begins to expand your network within the Warrington College of Business.
  • Director of Professional Development

    Ty Robare

    It is not very often in college that an experience offers both professional development and an interconnected network of friends. Through my involvement with the Warrington Welcome Council, I have been afforded both of those measures. Similarly, it is just as rare to have a group of leaders who are this dedicated to helping the rest of the council, all of the peer leaders, and the hundreds of first-year students who participate in the program. I would not pass up the experience for anything.
  • Danielle Gertner

    Teaching Warrington Welcome is an unparalleled experience. It has allowed me to pay forward everything I have learned and experienced as a student and do it in a creative way. As I come up on my fourth semester teaching, I am amazed at how so many of my students from previous years have planted their feet on our campus and started to blossom. I wouldn't change this experience for the world and I cannot wait to bring it full circle with my last class next spring.


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